Fed up with Customer support and shipment delays

Hello all,

I am facing a problem with Wyze customer support and I have did everything from my side to support them but in return nobody gives me a clear info to solve my problem. Please note that I am writing this because I really like the community and I ram upset that my experience with the support was very bad each time I contact them.

The issue occured when I did an order last Tuesday Jan. 14 end of day and I expected that it should be shipped shortly but till that moment, 1 or 2 business days have passed and the shipment info is not updated. I have contacted Fedex on Friday Jan. 17 and today Monday 20 and they confirmed that Wyze did not send the shipment and that Wyze only sent the shipment info to create the Label. They confimed that this for sure means that the shipment physically is not at Fedex yet.
On the other side I have contacted Wyze three times through chat and I have sent 2 emails which I didnt get any reply till today. The three chats are full of misleading and conflict info. The first one confirmed that it is already on it way to Fedex and that was Friday morning. The second chat today Monday Morning told me that usually it can be delayed for 1 to 2 days and did confirm that it is sent to Fedex. The third one claimed that it is already sent since Jan 15 and it is at Fedex. I have sent him screen shots from 2 chats with Fedex that Fedex received nothing but still insisted that it is sent. Finally he agreed to escalate the issue to a higher manager but two or three hours have already passed now and I didnt receive any emails from the managment.

My main concern is that the support have no info about my order. They only claim and give me information which is pretty sure related to the process but not related to real data or info. I am very upset and I do not know what else can I do to be supported better than that.


First of all - Wyze is not Amazon. Their shipping has always been a little slow. For some reason they indicate they shipped it but it’s like they put the package on a shelf and are waiting for FedEx/USPS/Whatever to pick it up. And this is a “holiday” weekend.
Sorry you’ve had a bad shipping experience but I’ve seen it take a week to get out of Tacoma.


Thats why I trying to tell them not to mention that it is shipped while it is not and thats what made me upset. They insist that it is shipped althought Fedex doesnt have it.
Thanks for your reply

Yes, Wyze needs to clarify their terminology. I don’t consider it “shipped” until it is physically in the shippers possession.