Shipment Delays

Anybody experiencing shipment delays? I ordered pan-tilt cameras on 11/15 and still have not received them as of 11/25. Order status says shipped but FedEx says they are still awaiting for package to arrive at their facility and no pending deliver date. Is this usual? I should’ve ordered on Amazon and would have received them by now.

Same here, waiting on my headphones. Supposed to have been delivered on the 24th, but says “Received at Fedex Location, blah blah…” I’m sure it’s due to being so close to the holidays? :roll_eyes:

Hi all, keep an eye on this form: When will your pre-order order start shipping? for updates on your order

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Have you received any confirmation emails from Wyze?
When you click on the “view order” button, is there a “track package” (or similar) button?

@Brian, there’s been a few delays with the headphone shipping. I know mine are running a bit late too. Keep an eye on that tracking page.

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Thanks for the info, I already received shipping email confirmations on the 17th.

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@Brlepage Yes, been watching it everyday lol


Head phones arrived this morning via Fedex. No issues what so ever, charging, pairing, playback. One thing I did was after the initial pairing, it prompted for a firmware update twice in a row. I cancelled the update, finished setup, went to the headphone Setting > Device Info, and updated the firmware there.

Yes terrible shipping service, I ordered 2 cameras and a base station on November 9th one arrived with in a week. The other was picked by FEDUP on November 21 but did not ship out until November 24 from California. It arrived in Ellenwood Georgia on November 28, sat there then went to USPS to be delivered on December 2. I received a update that it will not arrive for another 2 to 3 days. But as usual another company that does not care about their customers. If they did they would not use FEDEX. Everytime I get something shipped from FEDEX it goes to USPS and is delayed another 3 to 5 days. I ordered through Amazon hoping it would arrive at least last week. But alas that did not happen.

Wondering when my wyze lock will ship. Status is “pick/pack”. Been that way for a while. Wyze shipped the keypad. Wondering when my lock will ship.