When will your pre-order order start shipping?

Hi Wyze community! I have noticed a lot of people asking when their pre-order order will start shipping. Check out the link below for a frequently updated chart on when the product will start shipping.



You’ll also get an eMail when product ships.


If you want to keep up with “V3 Cameras” preorder shipment go to this forum post here and check it out.


Have you received any information from wyze advising you that our pre-order will not be sent on time other than the store changing date to December? I assumed that is referring to new pre-orders made now or later.

Yes, this is true! Any orders previously should still come in November, but some may be later. Watch for a tracking email from Wyze if you haven’t gotten one already.

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I got a note that it would be December but my order is still just sitting in the “my orders” with no shipping indicated. I’m getting worried that it won’t come at all.