V3 pre-order information

Did anyone receive information regarding your order, I made my order on October 29 around 11am central time. I’ve received the first email confirmation of my order, also stating I would receive shipment information upon completion of the order. Yet the website changed to December but on the actual order still says November? Does anyone know if they still plan to complete the agreement? If not , are they going to make up for not completing the agreement?

I think what you are calling is a serving suggestion not really a contract to ship.

Have you received a tracking number from Wyze? If you haven’t and the order still says “Preorder - ships in November”, you might want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support (click “submit a request”)
phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

I was a week after you and it said December for me yet my account shows shipping in November. Either way I have no problem waiting on it. Not really sure what they could do to make up on a $20 camera not showing up on time.
I’d be interested in hearing what you have in mind ?

November is for the first orders, Dec is for recent orders, and January is for current orders.

Do not use the order page to gauge the time frame for older orders. It is always for orders placed today.

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