V3 November shipping date When? Now Changed to December :(....!

OMG, I bought 5 to replace all 5 of my V2 that is supposed to go up at the new place I just moved to. It is November and I am almost checking every day at my order to check if it is shipped., Has anyone received their V3 yet?

The date has been changed to December for the V3 Cameras. Some orders may ship in November, but it is not guaranteed.
More information here:


Just keep an eye on the date for your order, they will ship in order of when they were purchased with the first shipments going out sometime in November


@Cronus Here is another update for v3 cam shipments in this thread below from a Wyze employee WyzeChao.

We ship the order by its order date. The shipping starts in November. The first catch of people will get theirs in November.

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well that sucks because I have the V2 and the reason why I am not installing them is because I am waiting for the V3’s So far I already had 2 teenagers vandalize my car. I have a bad back and am a disable vet and if I am going to install I just want to install one time and done.

So my credit card was charged for an item that wasn’t shipped. Most places do not charge the card until the item has shipped.

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I think that used to be the case years ago. But, I think most companies actually do charge at the time of the order. I know Amazon, Newegg and Best Buy all charge right away. I will place an online order some place and within minutes there is a “pending” charge on my account. And within a couple days it clears pending.

I’ve found a lot of places get the order, press a button and create a shipping label and use that as an excuse for saying “it shipped” within some arbitrary deadline that they guarantee all items will ship. Then it sits in their warehouse for a week.
Wyze has had hysterically slow shipping for years.
I expect my 5 (ordered on the 20th) to be here by Groundhog day.

Yep, my debit card was also charged right away but also my invoices look kind of weird so I sent them an email to check it out and fix it so I can take advantage of the free shipping over $100. I hope the answer is favorable, I did tell them I can cancel the order if they can not fix it on there end. I am not too worry about them taking money out now because to me I am investing in the company and in their monthly third quarter so investors will keep investing in the company and they can manage the company more fluidly and get better factories to produce better products. These are my personal thoughts and looking at the bigger picture.

Now my status is "pre-ordered v3 and action is “view” or cancel order. Order was placed on 10-30! Guess I will cancel and charge them interest on using my money!

This is seriously a bunch of crap. My friends and relatives ALL canceled their orders because we all thought these were going to ship in November when We bought them in OCTOBER. Now its being pushed to January your website is saying? Sorry but Amazon Mini cameras are looking better by the day.

Well I screwed up bad I cancelled all my orders in November because the orders where confusing and did not have the free shipping, I had two orders separate, I ended up reordering in December and lost my place in line :frowning: Now I have to wait for it in January. Sucks to be me.

Ordered 11/16
got to FedEx Dec 26th
On it’s way Dec 27th
due Jan 6th

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almost there. Congrats

patience is the key when it comes to preorders. I just received my Thermostat. I am not worried about Wyze not delivering I am worried about not getting it at the specific time I need it most. My advice to you is the same advice I give to myself. So do not loose the faith.

I wouldn’t cancel if I where you they are shipping it very soon this week coming up.