FedEx SmartPost Isn't

I just ordered three motion sensors for my Home Monitoring system. This morning I received three shipping notices with different tracking numbers from FedEx SmartPost. That means three packages containing one item each.

I guess that’s how Wyze justifies including shipping in the price of the products. Now each item seems to ship separately. What a waste of cardboard and packing materials plus now a greater chance to delay or lose shipments.

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Thanks for letting us know.

Here is another “SmartPost” criticism. SmartPost notified me that my package would arrive Monday, June 28 but finally delivered it Saturday, July 3. No fires, floods, hurricanes or blizzards intervened.

My Wyze Car shipped via FedEx (not so) SmartPost on 15 June along with most (so I am told by Wyze). Tracking it says it will be here 7 Jul (so I am told by Wyze). Well 7 July came and went and still no car. Tomorrow the 12th will make it just shy of 1 month. Maybe tomorrow. Tracking sucks. SmartPost even more. I was charged $ 17.xx to ship via SmartPost. Outrageous matches how ridiculous.

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