Multiple ways of Shipment

While most are happy with the current shipping process I have had nothing but issues with the FedEx/Smart Post (long before Wyze was founded). Could you please give us the option of choosing her her carrier is? I prefer UPS. The same guy has been delivering for almost 30 years. Even on Smart Post he’s on our street every single day at the same time. Smart Post or not. With UPS I know I"ll get my package. I’m willing to pay a bit extra on the UPS shipping to be sure I’m getting it instead of waiting 20 years for my packages. Leave the original shipping as well but I think adding more ways for the customer to decide would be better as everyone has different experiences good or bad with certain delivery services.


Also about two weeks ago UPS had a deal where you could go and upgrade from Smart post deliveries to regular UPS deliveries for a year for $15. So a delivery that my wife wasn’t going to get until Monday or Tuesday because it was supposed to go to the post office today UPS will be delivering today. So I thought stepping up for $15 for a year was plenty worth it


Cool. I’m going to see if there is still that special. Otherwise I still think different shipping options would be good