Please Stop Using FedEx SmartPost Forevermore

I’m a big fan of Wyze products. I have cameras, door and motion sensors, plugs, bulbs, bridges, and a robot vacuum (allegedly) on the way. So, I’m not a disgruntled customer.

But you need to stop using FedEx SmartPost, which is easily the worst shipping method you could possibly have chosen. You shoot yourselves in the foot by using SmartPost. I hope you’re saving million$ in using that service, because you’re hurting your reputation in the process.

You shipped my Wyze vacuum on February 19. Today is March 19. No vacuum. A review of the tracking information shows that it arrived at FedEx’s black hole Ellenwood, Georgia location on February 26…and has not moved since. It has been sitting in Georgia for 22 days. I’m happy to provide the tracking number to an admin, if you’d like, to confirm what I’m saying.

Four weeks since shipped, and three weeks and a day sitting in Georgia without moving. This is not a good look for you folks. Just sayin’.

Oh yeah.

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I fully agree. Though this was on the list years ago.
I’ve had packages travel halfway, then go back. My last V3 spent a weeks in Seattle going back and forth.

And @dittoheadadt remember to vote for your wishlist item!

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Thanks for the vote reminder!

I’ve stopped buying products from Lifeproof, Keurig, and Fitbit, to name three off the top of my head, because they continued to use FedEx SmartPost. Three, four weeks’ time to get things small and light enough that the USPS (for whom I have no love lost) could’ve delivered for pocket change in about 3 days using First Class mail (not even Priority Mail; just First Class).

I honestly and truly have NO idea why ANY business would use FedEx SmartPost. It stinks on hot ice.


When I grew up in northern Vermont my Dad sold a small plot of land (?2 acres?) for a Post office to be built hen I was about 8. It was about 50 yards from my house to the PO, another 50 to the school.
I have very found memories of the USPS. I support saving the organization and it’s loyal employees but this “Smart post” is not working.

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Probably depends on the location.

My last 2 Wyze orders took 2 days to ship, and although it says they were sent using “SmartPost”, the USPS wasn’t involved at all.

What’s your location? Was your tracking number a FedEx tracking number? Did your product go through Ellenwood, Georgia?

I’ve had SmartPost issues shipping to Puerto Rico, and I’ve had SmartPost issues shipping to New Hampshire. I don’t know that the location can explain why something has been sitting at FedEx’s facility in Ellenwood, Georgia without moving for the past 22 days and counting.

I’m in Southern California. It seems Wyze has a major warehouse in the area, which happens to be very close to a FedEx regional hub.

Both the USPS and FedEx recognize the tracking number that Wyze sends by email, but the package is delivered at the door by a FedEx truck.

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Thanks, I kinda suspected you might be on the West Coast. Although maybe that’s just coincidence, and it’s the warehouse/regional hub proximity that did the trick instead. (My tracking number is not recognized by the USPS’ tracking system.)

So then maybe Wyze should…wyze up (groan) and use SmartPost for shipments to areas conducive to what you experienced, and use the regular USPS for everything else. Twenty-two days and counting for my robot vacuum to be sitting dormant in Ellenwood, Georgia is ridiculous and inexcusable, IMO.

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The larger Home Depot stores are stocking Wyze products. A few bucks more, $39 for a V3 with a 32 gig micro SD card.

Some clarification.

I misstated that USPS recognizes the tracking numbers. What I really meant was, if you click the tracking number in the Wyze email, you get the SmartPost page, and it says that they are waiting the item. If, however you also paste that same tracking number on the FedEx website, you get a status that the item is somewhere in transit and located in an in-between city.

I’m probably mistaken but I thought that first SmartPost page was the USPS and are waiting for FedEx to hand off the item for “last mile” delivery. In my case, the FedEx guy makes the delivery, not the postman.

Simply Horrible. Things drag through their system, bouncing from one site to the next, and back and forth. At least when they DO get scanned and we can see what’s happening. Then they drop off a Shrink-Wrapped pallet on the loading dock of your local usps post office. Then it sits on the usps dock for days…there is no incentive to unload the pallet, distribute to the carriers, and get it delivered. The USPS loses money delivering these packages for FedEx.----- For the shipping prices Wyze charges, you could send our stuff USPS PRIORITY MAIL. If you want/need to raise your shipping costs a little to do that, do it. Once we wait weeks and in some cases months for our items to finally get to us, we want them! Stop using Fedex SmartPost, that’s NOT smart.

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Smart post sucks , I get packages shipped for free when the product cost is less than three dollars from China what’s wrong with your shipping process you guys came from Amazon you should know what you’re doing especially on shipping your products are great your distribution sucks

Nothing but headaches dealing with FedEx DumbPost!!! “SmartPost” is only “Smart” for FedEx. It’s dumb for the customers AND the P.O. ---- The USPS gets screwed out of money, forced to deliver these “last mile” packages for practically no money. FedEx SmartPost packages sit on a pallet outside on the loading dock at your local p.o. for days. Delivery of SmartPost doesn’t begin until all the USPS gets delivered, letters, magazines, even the weekly grocery advertising packets. ---- And I get notified that my package from WYZE has shipped…but FedEx tracking info never shows they have custody of the package until 2-3 weeks later. What’s up with that!!?


Arrived at FedEx in Ellenwood, Georgia on February 26. Today, March 24 - twenty-six (26) days later - it’s “accepted by US Postal Service” and allegedly “out for delivery”.

We’ll see.

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FedEx and WYZE have apparently entered into an agreement that allows the poor service levels expressed here and elsewhere. As fond as I am of WYZE products, and I have a house full and have promoted them to others, it is a much better practice to purchase from Amazon or MicroCenter or Home Depot when possible.
For warranty issues, we are stuck with the awful FedEx service agreement that WYZE has entered into, but for new purchases, I suggest not purchasing directly from WYZE.
And yes, Ellenwood, GA and Bloomington, CA appear to be black holes into which WYZE products are sucked into and have a difficult time emerging from!


Yours is such a timely comment. I recently received my video doorbell and was going to come here to simply ask Wyze to answer the simple question, “Why do you use FedEx Smartpost?”

I was curious to see whether they would tell us the honest-to-goodness truth.

The doorbell in question was shipped from Indiana on May 6. It was delivered 19 (nineteen!) days later, on May 25. It apparently sat in the Ellenwood, GA black hole for 13 (thirteen!) days, according to the tracking data.

Had they used the plain ol’ USPS, it would’ve been delivered in about 5 days, fully two weeks sooner.

So why, Wyze, do you continue to use the world’s worst shipping service, FedEx Smartpost?


Excellent advice, thank you.

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The problem my thinking dittoheadadt is that those of us who are early adopters - you know, the most supportive customer-base segment WYZE has because our pre-purchase payments guarantee WYZE’s gross margin for initial manufacturing run & shipments - always have to purchase directly from WYZE.
I honestly do not think this is entirely a FedEx issue, although that company is inept when compared to UPS and even the USPS from my experiences. I’ve never had a package take so long to get from the west coast to the Atlanta area as I have with WYZE products shipped via FedEx.

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Problem in my case is the Wyze car was not available anywhere but Wyze, so that limits that. Maybe it’ll finally show up in time for Black Friday sales :grimacing: