Fedex SmartPost is FartPost® P'ew

Fedex SmartPost is FartPost®. It really stinks. Order placed 6/3/2021 from WYZE. My account page advises delivery of my package is ground shipping (4-7 Business Days) today is 6/16/2021, package still not delivered, at Ellenwood, GA. I have spent hundreds of dollars with you, WYZE. You are doing a tremendous disservice to your customers using FedEx Smarpost. You are a major company with a tremendous amount of leverage,f or you and your customers to be treated in this manner by FedEx and the USPS is disrespectful. At best you owe us all an apology allowing us, which you state in writing, to believe our packages will arrive in 4-7 Business Days. Yes, to your benefit you will say you have no control how Fedex and the USPS conduct their affairs. However, there are plenty of us telling you FedexSmartpost takes 3-4+ weeks to recieve your packages. Change the way you ship, or otherwise your brand will forever be tarnished for your lack and failure of Marketing Strategy and it’s failure of Customer Service for your lack of concern when your customers recieve your products ridiculously past due and late whether they spent $35 or $100’s. Seriously WYZE, this could ruin your business. Change your Business Plan NOW, TODAY, and flush FedEx SmartPost which is smelly FartPost® down the toilet where it belongs.


This is primarily a user forum, you may want to reach out to Wyze directly with your concerns.

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There are plenty of others.

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And it’s not unique to Wyze. FedEx Smartpost sucks everywhere. For example, ZAGG, the screen protector company, shipped a ZAGG screen to me from Michigan on June 1st. It arrived in Ellenwood, Georgia, the Black Hole of Shipping, on June 4th. It allegedly left Ellenwood on June 4th as well.

Today is June 16th, and it’s nowhere to be found. Oh, it’ll arrive…eventually. Just as the Wyze products arrive…eventually. It’s been two weeks so far. Plain ol’ USPS could’ve had it here in 3 days.

Why any online merchant uses FedEx Smartpost is beyond me. It’s a godawful service, and it besmirches the reputation of every merchant who uses it.



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You are correct, its not unique to Wyze. But once Wyze knows its terrible, and customers complain - then take steps to correct the method. I’ve begged them not to ship FedEx Smartpost. They simply shrug and continue. This is not a new issue. Wyze has now been doing this method for years and appears to not hear our complaints.


I had the same thing happen to my shipment with the wyze vacuum. Ellenwood Ga → out for delivery → back to Ellenwood Ga → 1 week later → out for delivery

Funny thing happened to the fedex guy (special person), the truck backed off my very steep driveway and skidded into a tree. He could not back up from the tree (peg-leg rear end). I had to pull him out with my f150. No damage to fedex truck.

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I tracked my shipment via the Wyze option in the website. Showed the package arrived at Chino, CA and sat there 11 days before it moved. I used their “remarks” section and gave them plenty of info and details asking why? Not a peep back from them . And more than once. FedEx Smart posts customer service is a match sometimes for Wyze customer service.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @Katar1472!
What product(s) did your order?
Have you received a confirmation and/or tracking email from Wyze?

As @towelkingdom said, you may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646
Or online:
Wyze Support has extended their live support hours for a better support experience. ( Excluding Holidays & Emergencies )
Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT

Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT

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I agree wholeheartedly. I didn’t mean to suggest or imply that because FedEx Smartpost stinks on hot ice everywhere, that it’s not an issue with Wyze.

It absolutely is a serious issue with Wyze, IMO, and I’ve started at least one thread here detailing just how horrible Smartpost is, and how that fact degrades Wyze’s reputation.

My next thread will be simple. I am going to ask them Why. “Why do you use FedEx Smartpost?” I am genuinely curious to know what metrics they used, and continue to use, to justify using arguably the worst shipping system in America.


I think I know why they use FexEx Smartpost. I think Wyze at some of their drop shipment locations are using FedEx as logistics manager, drop shipment manager, and shipment carrier. Wyze has lost control of what method FexEx actually uses becaues FedEx gets paid by piece and natually save pennies when they use FedEx ground and USPS parcel post combined. Wyze can’t influence the method interal to FedEx, so they say nothing to customers. Maybe I am not right. But I have seen some of my FedEx Smartpost return address are a FedEx facility location, not a Wyze address. If I am wrong, anyone have a better explanation, please.

But when we get down explanations - I really don’t care why they send to me FedEx Smartpost, - I want them to stop doing it and use USPS.


My wyze car is suppose to be here today, but it is stuck in Ellenwood GA. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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That is VERY fast. Sounds like it may be a drop shipment - likely from a FedEx facility. Because they only started shipping the car on the 15th and this is just 17th. That’s pretty quick if already near you.

I won’t get mine until mid July, because of FedEx Smartpost.

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Thank you for your reply towel kingdom. I did, crickets… That is why I came here. It is the only way I can inform them as well as others of their horrendous Customer Service in regards of shipment of their products when purchased directly from them. Very happy with their products, not their choice on how they ship them to me. 17 days in transit from point A to point B. WYZE’s decision to use FedEx SmartPost to ship their products is not a smart move for their customers.

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Thank you Brlepage for your reply. I recieved confirmations for my 3 orders and tracking numbers for the camera’s that I ordered. I’d recieve emails stating my delivery would be the next day only to have the next day come and no delivery. The delivery would be pushed back a day. This happened on numerous occasions. Eventually my packages arrived, 17 days total shipment time. Not order time, time the shipper had possession of the packages. Totally unacceptable that WYZE continues to use FedEx SmartPost to ship packages purchase through their online store.


And here is my pain:

Was told it would arrive on Wed, then on Wed I get a text from fedex “no”… it wont show up until Thursday… I try to check it today from Wyze’s order >> Track Shipment link and this is what I get:


Some Australian shipment tracker website??? What… and of course, it cant find my shipment…

Finally I give up and go to FedEx website, enter my tracking and it shows my stuff is still in GA… Support says it will be delivered today… but thats because thats what FedEx shows and they are just going from that…, but if its in GA, NO WAY its going to be in FL by the time i get home today…… although FedEx hasnt updated that tracking since some time last night… why… oh why, oh why me!?

I just want my toys… can i be happy too? im an old fart and need a little joy… a little happiness… its not too much to ask is it?? so, send good thoughts to that package with my name on it, that it will indeed show up today, and make an old git quite happy, will yah?

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OH NO… Just entered my tracking info into FedEx and got this:


What’s happening…?

And no… it didnt come yesterday, and this morning, checking FedEx, i get this:

UGH… ive never been a fan of FedEx, never, and have prefered UPS even though they have lost 2 packages, one coming to me, and one I sent… Ill still take them over FedEx…

cant you believe this latest BS? looks like ill never get it…

I should have known, and spent the extra $10 and got it from Amazon…

I guess this kind of makes me feel better, that i’m not the only one experiencing this… lol
Ordered the garage door opener on April 26th(10am). Shipment info sent to Fedex in Greenwood, IN on April 27th(12:30pm). The arrival date is still pending, and it is May 6th. USPS and UPS seem to ship stuff from IN and IL to West Michigan within a day, or two max(prescription dog food bags, not from Amazon)… Plus their shipping costs are less than $10… If it was shipping from a port in California and was stuck on a boat still, ok, but maybe let me know. If there are issues in general, maybe let me know… After a week and a half, one would assume the package would have been shipped…

Again, things happen! I get that, I understand, and the world does not revolve around me! ha But communication is a wonderful thing! Heck, if the item is $39.99 and shipping is $9.99 and MI tax is $3, the total is $52.98 for a $39 item. Ok, but how about charge $42 for the item, USPS or UPS will be cheaper, so lets say $8 for shipping, still comes to $50, plus tax, but we get the item faster and have accurate tracking!!! I know that it is likely more complicated than that. But fedex is junk… Maybe i should order Wyze products from Amazon? Through the phone app, does not show up on my order history on the website anyway. So i guess it doesn’t really matter about trying to keep my items organized?

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