Just lazy delivery companies

So sick of lazy delivery companies. So, my birthday is coming up, and so I bought myself a gift from Wyze. I was all excited because it was coming today, and would be at my place by the time i get home. I check my email and I have a FedEx update, which says “now being delivered Thursday 5th May”… WTTTTTTTFFFFFRACK!
Its coming from Indiana, and FedEx being a bunch of bar-stewards (play on words), decided it was cheaper and easier not to put it on a plane like they do for pretty much anything coming from IN, thats going to FL, and instead DRIVE IT FROM IN TO FL!!! lazy, cheapskate son-of-a-bee’s-wax (yeah again, word play… my mouth is not a toilet) …
So, all the excitement. all that joy… dashed on the rocks because of FedEx’s board of directors wanting to make their wallet just a bit fatter… so bummed…
Now i have to pack up that excitement and joy, and somehow cram it back inside to some dark recess inside me… UGH… Drive it down here… SERIOUSLY… its sitting in a warehouse in GA. so sad!

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FedEx is the worst, and Wyze is not known for good shipping. The latter has promised to improve now that they have more money.


If the vendor (Wyze) specified and paid for ‘FedEx Ground’ shipping that’s the way it will go. Don’t blame the shipping company for a decision made by the vendor.


I dont think they did, because it was going to take a couple days, and fedex isnt known for getting a package form IN to FL in 3 days let alone 2… the other stuff ive ordered and send out of IN arrived when they said it would… this isnt!

The entity shipping the package generally specifies air vs ground (you pay a lot more for air). Delays (both air and ground) can and do happen for lots of reasons. Most of those are out of control of the shipping company. Weather is one of the biggest causes of delays, but it is not the only one.


All that and FedEx sucking can be true at the same time. :wink:


If you have a tracking # just go to the Fedex site and it will show you what service is being used. FWIW, I’ve never bought anything from Wyze that was ever shipped by any means other than ground service.

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no matter if it was coming by carrier Pidgeon. Yesterday it said today i was going to have my shiny toy today, and then this morning i get the message you are not getting anything nice until the day after… so sad… and this old fart was so looking forward to his “middle week blues” blown away with the toy!

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@Newshound informed me of a good point:

That $5.99 shipping may be cheap, but I’m getting what I pay for.

Smartpost = whenever you feel like getting around to it.


so true… smart post… isnt that smart… handed off to the USPS for the “last mile” drop off… and as you said, “when they feel like it”

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oh oh!!! the status page still has it in GA… WTFRACK… noooooooooooooooo

EDIT: Ok, now im worried… login to Wyze and see my order, click on it, and then see the items, click on “track my order” and it takes me to a shipment tracking webpage in AUSTRAILIA!!! (Track your items - Australia Post) and that page tells me:

Just WHAT THE HELL is going on!!! I swear, with all the issues i read about camera’s, etc, bad experiences with support, and now having fedex tell me one thing, but the actual Wyze website taking me to a tracking company in Australia (that doesnt know about the shipment), is telling me to run away from Wyze like my head is on fire… really turned( turning… nah turned) into a sh*t company… just sucks they are into me for many hundreds of $'s otherwise id just move on… I wont be buying anythign else from them, and once each of my camera’s dies, i wont be replacing it with a Wyze one, not unless this company really pulls up its socks and gets back to what made them really good… they cant even get my shipment tracking right… Australian package tracking website… which cant find any reference to my tracking number… seriously!

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Hmm, Australia is a new one.

Obligatory link to some of the many previous complaints about shipping.

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Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke, Hoi Hoi Hoi

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For real… reading the link you posted…

yup, this is what it shows if you hover the pointer over “track shipment”:


Australia. website… ???

Going to FedEx shows still in GA… Support says it will be delivered today… because thats what FedEx shows, but if its in GA, NO WAY its going to be in FL by the time i get home…


OH NO… Just entered my tracking info into FedEx and got this:


What’s happening…?

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And no… it didnt come yesterday, and this morning, checking FedEx, i get this:

UGH… ive never been a fan of FedEx, never, and have preferred UPS even though they have lost 2 packages, one coming to me, and one I sent… Ill still take them over FedEx…

cant you believe this latest BS? looks like ill never get it…

I should have known, and spent the extra $10 and got it from Amazon…


I need to go back to the past, but im still waiting on my time machine order to ship from Wyze…

Wyze needs to stop this insanity, especially given the amount of posts about how plain crappy the shipping company is… thats FEEDBACK, and getting your product in the hands of your customers should be a high priority, and as such should be treated accordingly by Wyze. Either go to UPS, or change the shipping method to 3 day, next day, etc.

So many complains, and I cant say ive seen one post anywhere on the forums by anyone from Wyze about it… anyone seen any kind of response, other than the canned crud about caring and working on it?


oh, and dont get me started about signing up for text message updates… a chatbot tells me to text the words “follow” i think and my tracking number to one of their numbers… i do that and get another box i have to reply “yes” to (agreeing to terms), and after that I get a text telling me where it is (Georgia), well that shipment info has vanished, been unavailable and/or dates change, and did I get a text message about that… HECK NO… so even their back-end text messaging system is shagged up… almost all of it is broken… and I dont know if anyone has actually tried calling and speaking to a human… but good luck with that, they really… and i mean REALLY dont want you speaking to a human…

So, yeah, nothing works, your stuff falls into a black hole for a while, then a few tempting positive updates (from fedex main tracking page) and then back to having no info, left in the dark, with you waiting in the fetal position under the dining room table… well done fedex, well done wyze for picking fedex…

All the complaints about fedex shipping and wyze still sticks with them instead of its customers… thats bad business.


It arrived on Saturday… the only thing i got before that, was on the fedex site that said they were not going to hand it off to USPS… w00t… got my toy…