Shipping with FedEx

I am wondering what is happening with your partnership with FedEx. I have an order I made over a month ago that was deemed lost for the 2nd time today. FedEx is hemorrhaging and can’t keep up with their business. Anyone else not receiving their orders?


Absolutely! Been bringing this up over and over ever since they switched shipping. I receive the usual “your order will arrive tomorrow” only to have it maybe delivered 15 days later! I am still waiting for an order that was supposed to arrive December 22nd. It was shipped on December 17th and it is now January 7th. Wyze just gives canned responses that are no help whatsoever.

Once the item has been handed over to FedEx it is in their hands. You’re better bet is to contact FedEx and see what they have to say although you probably have a better chance cutting water, but that’s where the problem lies and where the answers are. Unless Wyze were to go with a different shipping partner, the struggle will remain due to FedEx.

Might want to check with @victormaletic. Pretty sure he could do it. :wink:

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Depends on the temperature…

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I watch your videos and read your emails where Wyze upper crusts say they want to improve and they know shipping is an issue. That they are listening and will do better. Only to see a new post or video echoing the same promise with no movement each time. Been with Wyze since the beginning and shipping has gone downhill and has now hit its lowest point. We did not have these shipping issues in beginning. Wyze says, “It’s FedEx” while FedEx tells me, “Nothing we can do, the sender chose SmartPost” which apparently means it will get there when it gets there. If you truly want to stick to your word and do better you might try approaches to your loyal customers such as: Give shipping choices, so folks who are willing to pay a little extra for better shipping. Or you could try to work with FedEx to have a communication line about orders that take 20 plus days to arrive. You need to brainstorm, you need to listen to your customers or risk losing them. You need to do better just like you say your going to do. Cut the crap of “It’s not us, it’s FedEx.” If it’s not working, which it clearly is not, then you need to find a solution. Soon, and I mean very soon, many customers like myself will say it is just not worth it and go elsewhere. There goes your word of mouth sales along with it. I have been holding on by a thread here while Wyze sharpens their knife for the final cut without a care by just shrugging at customer concerns. What kind of business model is that? Shipping is [Mod Edit]! Period. Stop saying we hear you and we are going to do better only to sit there and do nothing. At least say, we will not change and this is how it is so I can cut the cord and move on.

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FedEx SmartPost and UPS Mail Innovations have earned their terrible reputations and reputable companies MUST stop using them. It’s not free shipping if it costs blood and tears for each customer.

Tragically, unless your package is sitting at your local post office for days on end the issue still lies with FedEx. If your packages are sitting at your local office for days on end then obviously you can take that up with them and hopefully get it resolved.The SmartPost difference is only on the endpoint delivery. And I’ve always found USPS to be rather consistent in their service, at least in my local office



I have railed publicly and privately against FedEx SmartPost and UPS Mail Innovations (when Wyze used that service) for years. In my experience, the problems occur before the package is handed off to the USPS. That is not to say the USPS always gets it right.

But, Wyze (or their shipping agent) does select the level of service they will pay for. So they do have the option of selecting the non-hybrid delivery methods. That would eliminate some of the potential finger pointing. It may cost more, but it would reduce some of the customer frustration.

One comment I have provided to Wyze in their shipping feedback request is to stop sending emails out based on the delivery dates provided by FedEx. Nothing is more aggravating than to get the “Your package will be delivered tomorrow” email, knowing full well it will most likely take another week to actually get into my hands. I think most of us know how to track packages on the shipper sites directly.

Okay, time to climb off the soapbox. :wink:


It’s simply a function of the fact that when there are more fingers involved there are more opportunities to point them. Those two options are dirt cheap for a reason and no reputable seller should choose them.

It shouldn’t have to be that way, but it’s what experience has painfully shown us.

I ordered a Wyze car on November 1st. It was supposed to ship on the “second wave” in December. FedEx received my car on December 17 and it sat in their warehouse until I contacted Wyze on January 5 and complained about the lousy shipping status updates that they and FedEx use. I received the car on January 7. I will NEVER pre-purchase anything from Wyze ever again ( and believe me, I like their products-ZERO issues with them ). I can order a V3 on Amazon and get it in HOURS (yes, HOURS) and I have to wait 2-3 weeks for Wyze to ship the exact same camera. I can return the V3 to Amazon for ANY reason no questions asked, and I have a credit in hours. No emailing or phone calls for an RMA number from Wyze. From now on, if Amazon doesn’t offer a Wyze product, I’ll pass. I love you Wyze, but your customer service skills are beyond lacking.


Actually no, the issue lies with Wyze to come up with another solution. They have acknowledged in previous posts that they are aware Wyze customers are not happy with the current state of shipping and that they are “Working on it.” Shipping in the beginning didn’t have these problems. It wasn’t until WYZE switched to these current shipping options. You get no help from Wyze, no help from FedEx and certainly no help from the USPS. Wyze needs to give options for shipping and not pigeon hole all customers into this current state of shipping which is not working! You can stop gaslighting anytime.


Absolutely agree. That was really the point of posting this. Wyze needs to lay down some money to get a shipper that actually works.


FedEx/Wyze is a disaster. I’ve been watching my package wandering the tri-state for a week and a half. Ended up maybe 10 miles away at a FedEx facility. Despite 37F today and a fair amount of sun, No fog, rain, snow, etc., I get this joke of a tracking update:

The ‘weather delay’ should be ‘whether’ they feel like delivering or not, and that answer today was ‘No’. Last time I order online from Wyze.

I have an order that was placed on 12/27/21. The last status update from FedEx is that it’s been in a facility since 1/4/22. The order is supposed to be a birthday gift on 1/24/22. It’s not going to make it. When I call FedEx, they say the order was placed on a USPS vehicle. FedEx can’t say when that happened or give a new estimated delivery date. I just want Wyze to cancel that order and re-ship, preferably via USPS. All my FedEx orders end up coming via USPS anyway. I’d like to at least be able to tell the birthday boy his gift will eventually arrive.

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