Shipping Update for Thermometer, Band, and Scale - 4/13/2020

EDIT: Our processes are usually FIFO and it’s how we’ve been sending the orders to the fulfillment partners. But given the current volumes, our partners have optimized for shipping as many orders out as they can as quickly as possible and it has not been following our standard FIFO procedure.

We overlooked this when we issued this statement and we apologize for oversight.

Shipping Update:

We hope you all had a happy and restful holiday weekend! We have been inundated with tickets and inquiries regarding shipping statuses for Wyze Band, Wyze Scale, and Thermometer orders, so we thought it would be best to share all that is going on.

We are working our hardest to ship out orders as quickly as possible, but we are dealing with an unprecedented volume of orders, system delays from the volume we’re seeing (there is a lag in order statuses & tracking #s updating), and ongoing staffing issues at our warehouses due to COVID. We ship based on FIFO (oldest orders get shipped first), but customers who live closer to our warehouses (WA, CA, IN) may receive their orders earlier.

Wyze Scale

As of yesterday (April 12), we’ve shipped out 70% of Scale orders. All other orders are currently being processed and will ship out in the next 3-4 days. These orders are shipping via Fedex SmartPost (4-7 business days).

Wyze Band

We shipped 20% of Band orders last week, but made the hard call to postpone the rest of orders until we have shipped out all thermometers as part of our response to COVID. We plan to ship out the rest of Band orders in the next 2-3 days and they will ship via USPS First Class (2-3 business days).


We saw a record-breaking spike in orders on April 8 and have been working around the clock, including weekends, to ship. All orders placed prior to April 11 have been shipped. The rest of the orders will ship within 1-3 business days via USPS First Class (2-3 business days).

Thank you as always for your understanding & support during these times!



Thanks again for the update. I look forward to getting my band early next week!


Ordered scale 3/27. Ordered thermometer 3/31. Neither has shipped?

UPDATE: Tonight it appears the thermometer has shipped.

@WyzeGwendolyn and @WyzeTeam the last Wyze Band and Scale was overkill. The number of backers were in excess of 3OK and the after effect of that is the “never seen before” number of complaints here in the Forum. The current Covid-19 situation too didn’t help matters but you know knew that before announcing the EA. But keep up the good job guys. Learn from this and please ship my stuff… can’t wait!

Thank you for the update! No hurry here, lots going on out there due to Covid-19. Stay safe. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Appreciate the update! It seems that my order, or part if it at least, shipped from CA even though I am in WA. Wonder if that was simply based on availability, or if there may be another logic validation check required

I hate Fedex SmartPost. It is the slowest shipping option. I wonder how much cheaper it is than going straight to USPS.

I got my band order today, no scale. My question is my account still shows no orders and I can’t find my original email confirmation to track my status. I did an EA order with Amazon payment I think. They also don’t show anything. I’m only worried because I live in an apartment and need to know when to expect the delivery so it doesn’t walk off.

And I got my scale order today, no band. My account on Wyze never showed the scale or band order, until the the scale was shipped.

I ordered the scale on 3/24, within an hour of the pre-sale going live, and mine hasn’t shipped yet. So if they are fulfilling orders on a FIFO basis, then you still have some time to wait my friend.

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My order is 3/25 (Band and Scale) and it still says “processing” …

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Thank you for the update. Looking forward to our Bands and scales.

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I ordered my scale on 3/24. Last week my account stated “Fedex Processing” or something like that and today it just says “Processing”. Seems the trend is going the wrong way for me.


I ordered my scale on 3/24 as well and still have not received it. I have seen other users who said they didn’t order until 4/2 and already received theirs. I talked with customer support and they said it was FIFO, but that doesn’t seem to align with evidence on the forums. Perhaps they are batching them geographically? I’m in the southeast which would probably be farthest geographically.

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I also ordered on the 24th & live in the southeast. The FIFO is the way shipping should be done but they are not doing it that way. Wyze has always made shipping a total joke - seems they go with whatever is the most screwed up.

I ordered 3/24 1 PM. I have not had a response yet. No Scale, No Band. No email. All I have is my order confirmation and money out of my account. So I think first in first out is not the format they are using. I am not happy. Wyze has great products but getting them is not done well. Update I just got scale today USPS.

Not sure what you mean when you say “all orders placed prior to April 11 have been shipped”. My thermometer order, which was placed April 8, still says “processing”. Doesn’t sound like the order shipped. Perhaps you need to clarify that “shipped” doesn’t really mean shipped, or perhaps “all” doesn’t mean all. Not the first time it has taken a week or more until an order placed has actually been shipped. I like your products, but your service (in terms of actually getting the order filled in a timely fashion) could be improved.

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Does Wyze use PSI Systems, Inc to mail their products? I Just got a email from usps of a label created waiting for usps to pick up from PSI Systems, Inc Huston Texas. The only thing I have ordered is the EA Wyze Scales I thought that they were being mailed through FedEx. Does anyone see this?

Mine is said the same thing as yours. I does indeed seem it’s going the wrong way.

I received an email from Wyze to review the Wyze band which I have not received and shows not shipped yet, still shows in packaging since 4/8/20. Bad business practice.