Ordered mask and got CHARGED on April 21. Still no mask!

I ordered my mask on April 21st and was charged for the mask and paid for it and I still haven’t gotten them and now the order shows closed?? WTH?? What is going on and will I EVER get these mask? Thanks.


Without your order number it’s difficult for anyone to look into it for you.

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There was a problem with the supply chain. You should have received the email below from Wyze offering to cancel your order and refund the charge.


We wanted to give you an update on your KN95 mask order. We appreciate your patience during this time and understand that delayed orders can be frustrating. We have run into a supply chain complication that has led to your mask order being delayed. We’re sorry to say that we don’t know when we will be able to ship it to you. We’re working on getting you more precise shipping information and will let you know as soon as we have a more definitive update.

If you’d like to cancel your order, we understand. Please click the link below to fill out a short request form, and we will have your order canceled within 48 hours.


We’re sorry that this has been your experience and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well during this time.


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I didn’t get that email and didn’t cancel it yet the order shows closed and no money returned.

Jason Brown

I am sorry that has happened I will try to steer someone from WYZE here and see if they can help look into it. Being the weekend you may not hear anything until Monday.

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No problem . I appreciate you taking the time to fix this for me. It’s been very frustrating because I work for the railroad and we have to work during this (we are considered essential :flushed:) and the mask they provided are a joke. I ordered these for myself to have something better and it’s just been frustrating that I’ve passed up buying mask because I already bought these and kept thinking they would be in any time.

Jason Brown

I have EXACTLY the same issue. They did NOT send the email you claimed they sent and my order is now listed as “Closed”. I would still like to receive my order, but I am moving and need it before May 25. Can you put in a good word for my order too? 002028405

I contacted support May 4 and still haven’t heard anything. But my credit card has been charged.

I had the same situation - I ordered on April 4 and they arrived two days ago. Turns out there was s handoff between Shipping company and USPS which caused the dreaded “Delivery Exception Error”.
They vanished, but did eventually show up.

Does this email apply to the blue masks as well? I ordered 50 pack of blue ones .
Please let me know.

Hi. My order number is 002420812 please someone let me know if I should chill out or get a refund. Is my item in stock? Or should I just get a refund.
I ordered the blue masks-

I ordered a thermometer and face masks on April 21st. The FedEx guy came today and delivered the thermometer only. My credit card was charged for both items and now when I track my package it indicates it has been delivered. It has only been partially delivered. How do I receive a credit to my credit card for the masks that were not delivered? My order number is 002045759

I just posted a similar message for my order…

Ship or refund is fine with me…

Wow! Well, at least I know now I’m definitely not the only one! Hey Wyze, mind getting control of this and actually getting this fixed?

Nope – seems like it is their normal practice which I feel is very unfair. If you cannot ship an item, don’t say the account is “closed” or “delivered”. If they are going to say that, then simultaneously we should be receiving an email
indicating that we will be given a refund on the items not received. Very frustrating.


Hi everyone,

Sorry for my delay getting here and for the trouble. Orders that are closed will not ship but you should receive a refund within 2-5 days (depending on your bank). If you haven’t, you may have run into a system error and I’ll need to get the team to push it manually.

@jbrownup and @ajbulmer, I sent your numbers over to the team so we can do that manual push. We apologize for the bug and the inconvenience this has caused.

@drivard, I spoke with you in another thread already.

@meckel, we’re sorry to hear about the mask issue. Would you prefer a replacement or a partial refund to cover the masks?


If you order a replacement for the masks, when will they be delivered? I hesitate to go that route as I may not receive them. If it will be timely, then replace the ones that were not delivered, if not, then please refund the cost of
the masks.

Thank you

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You’re welcome! I created order 002503657 to avoid wasting your time. My bet is that it will arrive next week though it may be early the following week (some local areas are varying with the delivery time). Would you prefer the refund?

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I would like the mask please.

Jason Brown

Hi- I was charged twice for a single order of masks on April 22 for $32.46. I have emailed four times now with no response. I don’t have an order confirmation email so I don’t know the order number but I have all the details you would need to look up my order to cancel the charges.
Please help as its been a month of me trying to get a hold of someone to get it cancelled.