Charged twice for a single order, both posted on my CC

Hi Everyone,

I recently ordered some face masks on May 1st and my credit card got charged twice (both have since posted). I only have one order listed under my account so I’m not sure what happened. I sent an email to support but haven’t gotten a response yet. I waited to see if the charge would just drop off by itself in case one of the charges was just a verification charge. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a phone number I could try and call to reach the support team? I haven’t been able to find one.

Hello @mjmei18 and welcome to the community.

I am sorry this has happened to you and I will try to steer someone from WYZE over here to look into this, do you have an order number you could post that would speed up them in the process of looking it up?

Hi Jason,

Thanks. This is the order number: 002278045. It already shipped, but it looks like I’ve been billed twice for it.