Still no response from Support on double billing

@WyzeGwendolyn Did you ever check on the support tickets from “Trouble with Duplicate Charges on Credit Card and support non responsive”?

I’m still being charged twice on my checking account for an order of masks. It’s been 4 days since this happened and I contacted support right when this happened and have heard nothing from them. And my order of masks is not even showing up in My Orders. My support ticket numbers are 544992 and 550159.

Can you please have someone fix this problem? 4 days is a looong time for support not to step in for a double-bill on my checking account.

Thanks, Ralph

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for your patience! I just checked on this ticket. I see that you were hearing back on Sunday but your ticket is still open. I’ll see what I can do to get eyes on it again tomorrow.

Sorry about the weird order creation issue you ran into. That and the support delays sound frustrating and we apologize for the experience.