Website and Refund Problem

Anyone else have the Wyze website erroneously charge multiple orders to their account?

Sunday night I tried to order an installation kit.

Wyze website error 1 - When clicking “place order”, an error message popped up regarding a “State” error. The website stayed on the same page. Several attempts to adjust my address to fix the error message seemed to fail. Finally used Amazon pay. (I have ordered with no problem from the website before.)

Wyze error 2 - Checking my email, I noticed that Wyze accepted my order 5 different times.

Wyze error 3 - Immediately went back to the Wyze website to cancel the order. Only the Amazon Pay order had the cancel button. The other 5 did not.

I used the chat to contact support twice. I sent in a screen shot of all the orders also showing that there was no “cancel” option for the 5 Wyze errors.

The orders did not ship for over 18 hours. At no time did it offer up a “cancel” button.

Now Wyze is telling me that they cannot do a refund until I return the kits that I did not order. I can’t even get a clear answer of whether the shipping cost would be refunded, as well.

My expectation when the error is so clearly one sided would be for an immediate refund.

When did you call them? As far as returns, I recommend calling them and asking support to initiate a return on the shipments you do not want. I know we can do that ourselves for FedEx and UPS packages. For USPS, you may need to bring the packages to the PO as refused and ask for assistance in properly getting them returned, again as REFUSED

I did an email through their support system Sunday evening when the event occurred (the automated response that came back basically said to “cancel”, which wasn’t an available option on the website), and again Monday morning.

Is there a phone number? I didn’t see one on their website.

EDIT: Found it, I’ll give it a try 1 (844) 999-3226

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Welcome @DerekB!
Definitely call support and see what they say. Let me know how it goes!