Disappointed! After 4 months still haven’t received my order

Made the order of the Wyze watch last December (2020). Planned to get it in early February to give it out as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Keep receiving the weekly emails from Wyze tells me to be patient. Checked whole Wyze site couldn’t find any order cancellation option. In order not to waste the money, the only option is to continue waiting for my watch lol

Valentine’s Day is already in the past, I guess if I receive the watch in the next couple months, maybe can use it for the Mother’s Day or Father’s Day present. Worst case I can use it for 2021 Christmas present. @WyzeYun

I hope yours works. Got mine today and it was DOA. Going to have to wait longer to get to use it I guess.

Worldwide chip shortage due to the pandemic. Affecting cars too. Even used car prices increasing because of it. Be patient, not normal times.

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Sorry your Valentines didn’t go a planned. I ordered my watch in Nov 2020. Got it a few days ago. They told me (via email) that it would take 4-10 days to be delivered. Well it was on the lower end (4 days) and I got it. Its a long wait for it but I can say it was worth the wait. Works good, Looks nice, great price and now My wife wants one ( but there out of stock ugg). As someone said it might be because of the chip shortage ( or could it be stuck on that ship in the Suez Canal haha ). I’m inclined to think your Wyze 47 is coming and you may be a please with as I am. I’m glad I didn’t cancel my order.

This is typical of early adopter/pre-order sales. Most of us take expected shipping and delivery dates for these kind of sales with a grain of salt. You have to accept an early backer purchase for what it is, which is Hopes and Dreams. Could be worse (any number of failed Kickstarters should come to mind).

Finally got my order delivered yesterday. Opened the box, charged the watch 44, and paired the phone. 5 minutes later get connection error, even the Bluetooth sheeting on my iPhone says connected. That’s a defect product. Can’t believe after 4 months of waiting , the watch only worked fir 5 minutes.

Tried to return, but going through the return process on the site just like waiting for the products. Not user friendly, took countless questions to get to the point where you can request return. I guess it’s easy for Wyze collecting money from the customers but it’s not easy for customers to refund the defect products . I know it’s only twenty bucks, but it’s a total scam !!!