Pre ordering watch

Why can’t I pay for the new watch? Is this the universes way of telling me to avoid wasting anymore money with Wyze?
The wyze band is horrible so I figure I will try the watch?
Nope, won’t let me check out. I should just put all the useless stuff in a bag and toss it out. Even when the stuff works, it doesn’t work correctly. Camera records something, but doesn’t notify me. Yet a leaf falls off the tree and I get 100 alerts.
The band gives me alexa notification on my phone anytime someone uses the echo. Clear it out and it returns all day long. Log out of Alexa on the wyze app? Sure, still getting the notification. Run it over with a truck? Still getting notifications on the stupid wyze app.

Yet here I am crying that I can’t buy more? What is wrong with me?
Do not let me know how to buy or pre order anything. The customer service is not working either, they route me here or Facebook? Reddit? What about the other people who are to old or young for facebook and I am to old for reddit!
Wait till that video doorbell that I ordered 6 months ago arrives… I’ll be back here crying.

Welcome to the Wyze community @neptune111!

Do you have anything in your cart besides the watch? What browser are you using to shop? Can you try again, there may have been an issue at that time.

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Only the watch in the cart, I tried one watch, then both watches in chrome on Android, after several tries I gave up and tried chrome on a windows PC, then mozilla, then safari on a mac and the answer is always, sorry something went wrong. I give up after reading about it it just seems like a big screen wyze band. Although, I needed something bigger as the clock faces were to small and to limited. Besides the Alexa caused a lot of problems.
I’m just going to try something else for now, and when they release it maybe I will buy one.
Thanks for your help.