So freaking angry!

I wanted a new BAND but Wyze doesn’t sell them anymore. I didn’t want the watch. TOO FAT. But my band was broken and I couldn’t wear it anymore. I wanted the sleep tracker, step counter, heartrate monitor again that I had with the BAND. Did Wyze even tell us on their website ANYTHING really that their watch would actually DO? NOPE. I bought one. It arrived today. IT IS A PIECE OF GARBAGE!!! There’s virtually ZERO documentation. You have a couple screens that it WON’T LET YOU BACK OUT OF AT ALL - NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER. And no instructions on how to back out of it either. I got it paired manually because my top-of-the line phone couldn’t recognize the QR code (clue #1). I got stuck in a menu that said “reset” and “cancel” but it would not CANCEL no matter what I did. So I’m trying to swipe left, swipe right, swipe up, swipe down…NOTHING. I keep trying. Then it RESETS!!! and has to be paired all over again. Can I do it within my app so I don’t have to delete it and start all over again? NOPE. I can see that I’m NOT going to like this watch. I may just box it back up and return it. I’ve been a very vocal supporter of Wyze for their cams since V1, and I have at least 5 others that I advised them to buy Wyze cams and they did. So this stupid POC watch really burns my gluteous. I’m angry. Also, one needs to be very careful when charging it or the magnet just drops off and of course it isn’t charging anymore. I’m going to have to stop recommending Wyze to my friends. This stinks.

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You should mention which watch you have, as their operation can be different.

Most Wyze documentation is online, such as:✓&query=watch

The side button often backs you out.

Hope that helps somewhat. I agree with you, I like the Band the best! :slight_smile:

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