Wyze 47 Watch Protective Case and Screen Protectors

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I have had my watch for a week now and I really do like it. I have a FitBit that cost me $139.99 and I am not comparing this to that as it would be unrealistic. But I do lone the features it has, yes it could be better but then it would cost more. With that said I would love to see some items for it,

My husband and I own a Metals Recycling Plant and there is a lot of movement in my arms from banging, tearing apart things, and us just getting banged by stuff. I bought the tempered glass and the full bumper grand/wrist band for my fitbit and it works great, I would love to see something to protect the watch for us that do hard manual labor to protect at least the glass with some tempered glass protectors. I looked on ebay but since the watch is pretty new there is nothing there.

Please come out with accessories to keep the watch safe. Because there is nothing yet I can only wear this when I am at home now. I did wear it to work to see how good this watch was, I was very careful with it, and I am very impressed, for the price I paid it does do a lot of stuff. Good job Wyze the watch is pretty decent, but please come out with more bands, tempered glass, and protective gear so I can wear my watch all the time.

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@rox33anne These screen protectors are not tempered glass but may provide some moderate protection for the watch.

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Thank you so much for looking that up for me, much appreciated. It has to be tempered glass as I work around metals, but I will get these until something better comes along to keep it from scratching. Thank you.

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Would really like to see a more scratch resistant Wyze Watch screen. I do realize that would impact price a bit but worth not having to replace the watch periodically just because of screen scratches just from normal wear.


For me, I really won’t mind buying the accessories separately, I do it for my phones and my Fitbit, I bought the tempered glass, and a Supe Case for my Fitbit, you can look that up to get an idea. Just please don’t make the cheap clear bumpers you see on ebay, been there done that, they pop off when you sweat. I like the cases that you just pop the watch in and it is protected. I actually had to take my watch off and put back on my fitbit, I was to afraid I would shattered the watch. The 3 pack film that StoplCU33 posted a link to will not help me as the edges of the glass front will get chipped and a film will not cover the edges.

I’d love to see a one piece case like the ones available for the fitbit versa series, simple, rugged, and protects the whole watch. Also allows you to change the color appearance of the bezel, which is nice too. Amazon.com

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I realize the price is amazing, but my screen got fairly scratched within 2 - 3 weeks. Not such a great price if I have to replace the thing several times a year.


Noticed two big scratches on my last weekend after what I thought was rather light gardening (mostly rose pruning). Rather disappointing if that was what scratched them as I’ve never seen anything this major on any other smart watch I’ve owned. I know, none of them have been this ‘affordable’ but when does this excuse stop working & this goes into a drawer?


Agreed. Love my wyze watch and want to protect it. Will use the non tempered glass but would prefer that.
Anyone found one yet?

I have not yet, I bought a set on Amazon, I thought they were tempered, but the first day at work a big gouge is at the top. So my guess is that what I bought is just a cheap plastic. I don’t believe my watch would have got scratched even if I did not have the cover, I believe this covering is just really cheaply made, I bet I could scratch it with my fingernail. I really need tempered glass. But I really do love how this covering sticks to the glass it has not fallen off yet.

I hope that Wyze will offer a screen protector accessory for the watch 47 that will really protect the watch. I realize it would come at a premium, but the two which are offered on Amazon by third party sellers have horrible reviews.

I asked Wyze support about this, and they said there is nothing being considered at this time, but to come to this forum and see if we can get this “voted in”.

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So far I found one that is pretty good, perfect, no. But it does do the job for me. The good is, it does help protect that glass from scratches which I need badly. But like some of the reviews it does get sweat underneath the glass, and it does haze up a lot and is kind of hard to get perfectly clear like some of the other good ones do. But if you need something to protect it while you work if you do manual work like I do, this is good. I no longer in fear of the glass while I work, my husband and I own a metals recycling center so you know my watch gets pretty banged up. Here is the one I have now, it is not perfect but it is 100% better than the films that I first purchased.


I like the TPU covers more then the glass, they don’t shatter on impact, and they are great for scratches. I happened to have a Fitbit Versa 2, and the screen protector from that protects the screen on my watch.

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I ended up cutting my own film protector from some leftover IQ Shield phone screen protectors. Used the thin sheet protector that came with my watch in the box as a template. They apply with a water +detergent solution. Can remove bubbles, reposition, etc. worked out well. Best part is they protect but also that they stay on

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