Wyze Watch - Ideas for more meaningful and comprehensive sleep statistics

Hi all,

As far as I know for the sleep tracking Wyze app do not have the avg calculations of the avg bedtime and avg wake-up time as in Samsung and Apple apps. I think it would be very convenient to have and would not be hard to add this feature as the individual data for each day is already there, thanks.

avg wake up

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Wyze Watch - Multiple sleep sessions / continuous sleep tracking

Ability to report multiple sleeping sessions in one day.

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Please allow for the option to track our sleep 24 hrs per day! Some of us are night shift workers and sleep during the day. Please allow us the option to record and track our sleep schedule.


Wyze watch daytime sleep tracking for the homies on graveyard shift

I just got my wyze watch47 and I work graveyard shift, the watch currently does not track my sleep on days that I work because I only sleep during the day and wake up around 5pm. This means that the watch only collects sleep data for me on days that I do not work. I would love to be able to view sleep data for every day of the week rather than only a few days. I also feel like this would be a fairly simple add in. Plz Halp

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Sleep data in app

I’d like to have a sleep data chart in the app, be able to view weeks or months worth of sleep data. All other information

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Woah, am I going crazy but I’m just now seeing this pop up option on the bottom of the device screen?

And it shows all of the data in charts , this is really cool. And exactly what I was looking for!

I don’t know why but I’m just now seeing this , this is exactly what I was looking for. Can’t believe i’m just now seeing it :man_facepalming: