Wyze Watch: Add button to stop sleep tracking for the night

There seems to be a need for a kill switch for the sleep timer that says, “Hey, watch. I’m awake now and going downstairs to eat breakfast, please don’t count my time sitting at the table as sleeping.” I get that getting up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break is a mild interruption to sleep, but I’ve noticed, on occasion, the watch thinks my trip downstairs is just such a break. Not knowing what logic is being used to determine the difference, maybe there needs to be an optional way to force an end to the sleep tracking.

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this could be quite useful for more accurate info. just a small pop up like the alarm face that asks, “are you awake for the day?”

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Thanks @Bam. Long day yesterday, but I got around to voting.

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Yes, there also seems to be a problem with sync data discussed here. It’s possible, having a firm end of sleep cycle flag/switch/button/whatever could help clear up both issues. Although, the app really should record and display what the watch is displaying in either case.

I’d like the option to trim the sleep start and end times for sleep duration in the Wyze app. This would keep my sleep logs more accurate and help me see a more accurate.

The sleep function has been working pretty good for me but I have had a few nights where I was watching TV and the Wyze Watch thought I had started to sleep.

It would also be nice to pinch to zoom at my sleep data. Right now I can’t fat finger the time selector to the exact time (awake times in particular) that I want to see.