WYZE Watch 47 Continuously Vibrates

I’ve had my Wyze watch 47 for quite some time now. I do like it. Simple but does what I need it to do. In the past couple months, my watch would start vibrating continuously. I tried pressing the side button once, holding it down but after about 30 seconds of continuous vibrating, it reboots itself. Once it comes back up, it’s fine again. This has happened about 3 times in the past 2-3 month. I have shut it off and started it back up. It’s not crazy annoying but i’m curious is it time to toss this one out and buy another one? I don’t need this watch catching on fire while i’m traveling in an airplane. If anyone has had this happen, were you able to fix it? Maybe i’m the only one…Who knows. :man_shrugging:

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Thats strange, when did it start? Just randomly or did you drop it or something?

I would contact support.

Nope. Didnt drop it or submerge it in water. Just normal use and it just randomly happens. Ive had this watch from when the 47 first came out so its been used pretty extensively. Replaced the band a couple times. Maybe its just time for a new one. Thats what i like about these watches, its very economical.

Mine two has randomly gone continuous vibrating about 3 times now since mid September. I haven’t done anything out of norm, just use it as a watch.