Wyze Watch 47mm Reboot

I’ve seen posts that state the same issue I’m having … which is that my Wyze Watch 47mm will occasionally start vibrating incessantly for about 30 seconds … and then reboot. A few time daily. Though I’ve seen numerous posts on this annoying issue, I haven’t seen any posted solutions. Does anyone know if this is just a “normal” issue with the 47, or flawed without a solution (FWS) like some other Wyze product issues (such as static/hissing with the Wyze Cam V3 live feed). Thanks.

Mine does this occasionally. It normally happens when there is an event, or sorts, then it starts and does not stop. I press he button to try and stop it, but in the end it does reboot.

Although it happens in frequently to me, it is not the norm and I have not found a solution yet.

I submit a log and then contact Wyze, providing them the log as well.

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Mine seems to do it every day and yesterday it did it twice in about 20 minutes time. Now whether it does it more often and I don’t have the watch actually on my wrist who knows. I guess my question is if people are having this issue with the watch, what is Wyze doing about it?