Wyze Video Doorbell Pro 1.0.58 Released! 1/4/21

Hi, Forum Friends!

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro firmware is updating to 1.0.58 today! This adds more tones, improves Event triggers, and fixes a battery indicator bug. :bell:

Read our Release Notes:


Happy New Year “2022” is going to be GREAT!


Happy New Year to you, too! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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My doorbell keeps failing to update and giving me an error code -21. I’ve searched, but can’t find the meaning of this code or how to fix it! Any suggestions?

Oh no! Sorry to hear this! I’d recommend asking our support team about this one. I’m not familiar with that error for the doorbell.



Have you tried to power cycle the doorbell? If you go to the settings of the device, scroll to the bottom, there should be a restart. I would try this as well and see if the VDBP can be updated.

in addition, If you have an Android Device, you could long press on the app and do a Force Stop. This will clear things out and then you could load the app again and then try the update.


@spamoni4 , apologies for the delayed response. I just wanted to thank you for the help. I restarted both the doorbell and the chime (using the physical buttons) and that seemed to work. Updated firmware and all is well again. Thanks so much for the guidance!


Not a problem, I know we are all busy. Thanks for following up