Where is the cloud storage for Wyze Cam outdoor videos

I bought a Wyze Cam outdoor. I could not figure out where the videos are stored.
It is indicated that I should be to view the videos via playback but I can’t see it on my iPhone Wyze app. My Wyze Cam Outdoor model is WVOD1. Does anybody know where I can access the record videos? Do we have access the cloud storage via web?
I subscribed for the Cam PLUS and I can’t see any recorded videos.
I was able to have the record videos backup to base station SD card but this is very inconvenient option because I will have to take it out and transfer the videos to my computer.

Click the Events tab on the bottom. :slight_smile:

@Customer, thanks for your suggestion. I, however, do not see the Events tabs on my Wyze app.
I can only see the Event recording in the Settings but there is no option for video playback. All other tabs do not have the Events tab.
Really appreciate if you can elaborate.

Probably different in newer app versions but it should be there.

@Customer,many thanks. Found it. I felt so dumb because I was looking at the wrong place the whole time :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem. Seems to happen more than you’d think. :slight_smile:

Sorry fell for the wyze outdoor cam scam. Can not get any videos from the camera on app no matter what I do. Have contacted support and the directions they sent did not help. Have checked other sites and this seems to be a problem, but will not find any help on wyse support or admitting to a problem.