Where in the cloud are my pictures stored?

Hello all. I was gifted a Wyze Cam Outdoor (x2) and a Base Station. I have the base station and one camera set up and can view a live feed on my tablet. What I want to be able to do is capture images of visiting wildlife overnight. Questions - how do I change from a live stream to snapshots and where will they go? Are they stored in the cloud somewhere? If so where? Is there an advantage to adding a microSD card to either the base station or camera? I’ve read all the Wyze FAQs but am still lost.

Side comment to any Wyze employees that may see this - your online help and FAQ answers don’t cover near enough ground, nor does the automated answering app.

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Photos and video can be saved at numerous locations here are some information on many of them:

If you manually press either of these buttons:

A short clip or a photo will be saved to your device (phone, tablet, etc)

If you have event recording in the camera settings enabled, you will have event videos uploaded that can be viewed here:

If you have “backup to SD card” enabled, it will mirror the above clips to the SD card in your base if you have one installed. there is also a scheduled recording and time lapse functions, which will save to the SD card in your camera if you have one installed.

I’ll post these for starters. Does this help?

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