Camera memory playback not working

I have four cameras of different kinds and a video doorbell (wired). I have SD cards in each camera, but whenever I try to view the recording, I get nothing. If I try online through the app, there is no playback option. If I take the SD card out of the camera and put it into my computer, I get error messages all amounting to being unable to see any video. Is the SD card thing just a trick? Is it worth anything?I have subscriptions for everything and do not want another subscription service. I just want a camera that records motion and then plays it back when I want, off a private, internally closed sd card. Is that possible with Wyze? If not, please just let me know and I will throw these away and purchase a different device. Thanks.

Not sure where you are looking in the app for the playback option. This should be the bar at the bottom of the Live Stream when you first open the cam or the SD Card Icon if you view an Event from the Events Tab.

The videos are burried in sub-folders on the card. They will be 1 minute mp4 video files within the record folder indexed by date and hour number folder, named by the minute number.

No, it isn’t a trick. It works and it is invaluable. But, be sure that your cards are formatted so that your device can read them. My phone, for example, cannot read ExFAT. So, I have to be sure all cards are formatted to FAT32 by the cam before I can read it in my device.

To be sure your cams are recording to the SD cards, after inserting go to the settings :gear: for that cam and select Advanced Settings. Verify Record to SD is toggled on and select either Continuous or Motion Events. Then select Manage Micro SD and select Format. That way you know you are starting with a fresh FAT32 format.

I will only recommend High Endurance SD Cards made specifically for constant overwriting in Security Cams. I started with cheap SD Cards and all failed within 4 to 6 months. If your card continues to be a problem. Replacement is in order.

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