View Playback works on occassions

When I occasionally go to View Playback(SD card from Wyze is installed), I get the “No video at the selected time” message. The times I’ve gotten this, I reboot the camera and then it starts working again. On other times, it works just fine. But why is this happening so much? It should be working 100% of the time.

Hello @aaronarchambo and welcome to the community

I would start by checking 2 things, do you have the SD card set to record continuous or on motion? If it is set to continuous check to see if the bar is a different color at that time indicating there is video.

Still experiencing “No video available” when I go to Video Playback. This happens more regularly now. Not sure why. I have to restart the camera to get video playback to begin recording again. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

If this is still happening, have you submitted a support request for this issue.

This is STILL happening, & I have not submitted a support request. Honestly, didn’t even know I could.
I went to look at “View Playback” this morning on my Garage Cam & red’c the “No Video at the selected time” notification. I have Wyze SD cards in both cameras and this still happens frequently now.