Playback issue

I have a SD card in my camera so when I hit playback I see the blue lines where recordings occurred. It is very hard to place the time line over the thin blue line to play back that video. Is there a easy way to do this? A fast forward would be nice to skip the blank areas.

You can use a pinch-out gesture to zoom the timeline to expand it, giving you much finer control over the placement of the playback indicator. There are two levels of timeline zoom. To zoom back out, use a pinch-in gesture.

Wow, that is much better. Thanks

yes! better playback controls would really improve the usability.

It would also be really nice to be able to tap a button to the next “motion detected” event, since it currently seems to record a full minute containing the motion event, and that can be time consuming just to determine if it was a significant event, or just a floating dust particle.

Ideally there would be multiple button controls, like “forward to next motion event”, “previous motion event”, “back 5 seconds”, etc.

Also, at least with V2, since it has motion tracking, it should be able so show the individual motion events within the 1 minute segments, as well as continuous recordings. Ideally, these could be encoded as “chapter markers” or “book marks” within the encoded video, so you could skip to the next marker.

Also, if you turn off the timestamp watermark, is there any timecode in the video container metadata?

This thread help me find the pinch to zoom which is certainly helpful, however in making navigating playback more efficiently, I agree that adding next/previous buttons will really help with recording on motion.

Is this on V1 or only on V2?

I just upgraded firmware on V1… and don’t see this…

It is for both cameras and has been in the app since the beginning. If you are having trouble getting pinch out to work, try using two fingers.