Green box for motion tagging, Red box for notifications

Motion tagging and event recording to the SD card are not on the same sensitivity as for notifications. I find this to be not intuitive and causing a lot of WTH responses. There seems to be a missing link where sensitivity actually starts triggering a notification. For example, if motion tagging (green box) were to identify every motion recognizable and a red box identified motions that trigger notification, users would be able to fine tune the sensitivity and could visually see what should trigger a notification.

What I’m proposing is to change the color of the motion tagging box from green to red if the motion meets the user defined sensitivity setting, which should trigger a notification.

Knowing what is possible to detect (green box) and then being able to actually see what the user has selected via sensitivity being trigger on (red box), will hopefully end some of the confusion and trouble tickets. I’ve put in at least one report where I’ve seen green boxes without getting an event (sensitivity at 100) so I expected a notice.

I’m a little surprised more people don’t want to know what motions trigger a notification when they adjust the sensitivity slider. Did I not explain this well enough?

I think I understand well enough. It is a feature request similar to mine so I should probably vote it up… I’m a little confused by “Motion tagging and event recording to the SD card are not on the same sensitivity as for notifications”.

Do you know this from previous questions/answers or something? The settings in the app don’t imply this at all. Is that what you meant by “I find this to be not intuitive…”.

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Yes, from previous discussions with @Loki and others. From my understanding, Wyze wants to just make them the same, but currently the motion tagging and what gets triggered to be saved to the SD card are not affected by the sensitivity setting slide bar. They took the abundance of caution approach and saved more motion when event recording was selected (vs. continuous recording). <=(Edit: this last statement may be incorrect.)

My preference would be for the motion tagging green box to continue to show what Wyze is able to determine as motion, but to change that green box to red (or some other color) when the motion meets the sensitivity setting the user has chosen to trigger an event notification. Right now, it is a mystery when an event triggers a notification/12sec video. The red box would clearly show it so users could slide the bar until the red box goes back to green and they’ve tuned out false alarm motion. Such as tree shadows, small birds, leaves, etc.


According to this, I’m wrong. But I’m not sure that is right, otherwise many many people are not checking their record on event videos and trusting video to be there.


Answer from the ticket I submitted.

Tanvi (Wyze)

Jan 31, 1:10 PM PST

Push Notifications are only for the 12 second Event clips

Record on Event motion detection sensitivity is not controlled by the motion detection sensitivity and set to 50, the default setting.

This would mean if you have the sensitivity up high the 12 second Event clip could trigger but maybe not the Record on Event as the sensitivity setting is lower.

I hope this helps !

Please let me know if you have any additional questions !

Thank you !


Again, if this is true, it really blows one of my assumptions on Record on Event out of the water. I’m using continuous record.

Interesting. I use record on event, so I should turn the sensitivity way down if that is true. Now I’m wondering if the detection zone is detached as well, in which case it’s more of a notification zone.

My understanding is detection zone is detached from Record on Event as well.

Default sensitivity is 50.

We have no control over Record on Event options.

I think the entire view is the detection zone, but not sure. If it wasn’t, that would really be weird.

That’s my understanding too.

You can set a detection zone for the 12 sec Alerts but it’s the entire view for Record on Event.

You can set the sensitivity to ‘100’ for the 12 sec Alerts but it’s fixed at ‘50’ for Record on Event.

Major disconnect.

There is another #roadmap that also deals with detection zones that should also be considered.

From @voorheis:

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I agree, all of these settings that are not common is very confusing. Your solution sounds like an improvement to motion tagging. It’s frustrating finding out the adjustments you are making in your settings are doing nothing as some are fixed by default.