Playback view toggle? [Moved]

There seems to be two view options in the playback tab on the app. A view to scroll through the timeline and a view to select your video for playback from a thumbnail view. The scroll view seems to be the default. the only time I see the thumbnail view is when I view a video from a notification alert. How do I toggle between these views directly in the app?

I think that’s because when you view a notification you are watching the short video that was uploaded to the cloud. There are thumbnails for those. This section of the app is global across all cameras installed.

On the other hand, when you are in Playback mode for a single camera, you are watching what has been recorded on the on-board SD card. This view is a continuous scroll, even if you have it set to only store alert video on the card.

Then maybe this would be a good enhancement for a future update - to be able to select what playback mode you prefer.

I installed a 32G card in a camera and set the alerts to on. When I got an alert I went back to look at what occurred after the 12 seconds in playback. It had stopped recording at the alert and didn’t capture any more video for, what Wyze said, 5 mins. So I turned alerts off for that camera and named it Record, put another camera next to it with no SD card and called it Alert.

It turns out that when Alert sends a notification, Record stops recording, during playback it gets up to that time then stops. It is hard to jump over it. So I never capture what happened after the 12 secs. i.e. person delivers a package, I see that, but never see them leave. So the scenario that concerns me is someone comes up to the door, breaks in within the 5 mins, none of that part will be on any of the cameras.

Has anyone else seen this?




My experience is the same as yours when viewing over wifi. However, if I pull the SD card and play back on my laptop, all the footage is there. In other words, it doesn’t stop recording after an alert.

Those are 2 different types of videos.

The 12 second clips you see under notifications are the “motion/sound alert” clips that all users get, and are stored on AWS for 14 days.

The video from the Playback tab with the timeline scroll are from your SD card. You only see that because you have an SD card with continuous recording turned on in the app.

I believe that when you have a SD card and ‘record on alert’ it will start recording when the ‘alert’ (12 sec video is uploaded and notification sent) but it will continue to record on the SD card for at least 1 min and as long as there is motion detected. That recorded video can be seen in the ‘playback’ feature, and I think (still testing this) only while on the local wi-fi network (so far I’ve not had luck with playback on a cell network - which is understandably since you are trying to get to the camera SD card vs. the alert in the cloud.) This is what I’m seeing anyway.

I still can’t see the playback videos on my mobile device. I have the camera on continuous recording but when I go to the playback tab and scroll back a few hours, it does not play automatically nor is there a play button to push. How am i supposed to watch playback videos on my phone without removing the SD card and placing it my laptop?

The video should play automatically when you scroll to the time. Are you on the same wifi network as your camera? Is the bar blue where you’re trying to Playback?