Can i continue watching after 15 sec motion alert clip?

anyway to continue watching from local storage after the 15 sec motion alert clip ends?
i’d do it over ‘view playback’ but it always lags for me there

Assuming you have an SD card, view playback is the place.

Also, a trick is you can “pinch zoom out” on the time line to scroll more precise. (When you first go to playback, you’ll see hour increments. If you use 2 fingers to “pinch zoom out” on the timeline on the bottom, you’ll see minute increments)

hey kpkammer thax for the reply.

im aware of the ‘view playback’ feature. but sometimes it takes so long to find the exact time. we could save time by pressing a button that says ‘continue watching from local storage’

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I mentioned such a feature yesterday and I would be surprised if others haven’t suggested it before. The event notification has the exact date/time/sec, so hopping over to that point in the playback timeline shouldn’t be out of the question. The biggest issue I see is switching from Notifications to device/playback and back, requires reconnecting and disconnecting the camera every time. I would think they could keep the connection alive though.

There isn’t at this time but there are a number of requests in for an updated / improved play back feature so hopefully things will get better in the future.