App Feature Request - Show motion/sound detection on playback timeline

Maybe this feature would be better suited for a desktop or browser interface, but it would be very nice to have the alerts translated to the playback timeline and even better would be the ability to jump to each alert and playback from there. This would of course resolve the issue I have heard discussed elsewhere that the clips are too short. I think that most would invest the $10 for a 32gb class 10 micro-SD card if it meant having easy access to longer clips without a time scroll feature that seems glitchy.

Now I am being critical with that last comment, but let me explain. I am on the Android app and when I scroll back and forth through the timeline, the time shows up the screen, but once I “let go” the position in the time code is never close, sometimes off by minutes. That makes it difficult to take alerts in the notifications section and translate that into viewing the broader activity on the camera producing the alert or nearby cameras that may have seen the activity but not alerted.

We definitely know the playback tab right now can be a little touchy, its one of our priorities for improvement right now. Thanks for your feedback and the feature suggestion too!

What I have found is, when in Playback mode, hit ‘pause’, then scroll to find the time you are looking for, then hit ‘play’. Playback should start where the time on the screen was.

Nice trick. Works. I still think it would be nice to have the actual motion/sound alerts in the timeline. Just a little extra functionality.

Are you using the pinch out gesture to stretch the timeline? Scroll to the approximate time. Then use a pinch out gesture to zoom in on the time scale. This gives you much finer control to scroll to the exact moment you want to view.

Rick, I tried that but something during the lift and play is shifting the start time away from what the desired time (shown on screen) should be. The pause technique worked, but in the end, the real request here is to add placeholders, or other tags to the timeline which represent the alert activity on that camera. It combines two current features to allow more functional use of playback.