12 Second playback issues with only one of my V2 cameras

I have four V2 cameras set up, three of which are on the outside of my house. The outside cameras are in weather proof (more or less) mounts. Three of the cameras are working fine, while one outside camera will begin to play back the 12 second clip, get one second into playback, and then there appears to be buffering issues. It just gets hung up at the one second mark, then the spinning wheel of death appears. And it’s the closest camera to the Wifi router…about 15 feet away from it.

I’ve tried restarting the camera and have changed it to SD recording, neither of which have helped. Live feed works fine, and it looks like the 12 second recordings are there, but just getting “stuck” during playback.

Any suggestions on how, or if I can fix this?



I really have no idea but I would probably go to advanced settings and sync the time. Perhaps unplug the power cord for 60 seconds after turning it off. As a last resort possibly uninstall it and reinstall it.

Sd card local storage and cloud recording are completely Independant of eachother. If you are having trouble retrieving the 12 sec clip, that is actually saved to the cloud so I think the issue is either your device is having trouble retrieving from the cloud, or the camera is having trouble uploading a stable clip in the first place. What is around the camera? Between it and the router?. Have you tried turning off wifi and just using mobile data to retrieve the clip? Just trouble shooting ideas to add to @oldgeek s mentions.

Thanks for the recommendations, OG. Ok, I tried all but the reinstall so far, and no luck yet. In order to do the reinstall, I’ve got to get a ladder out to access the camera, so that may have to wait a couple of days. And while I have the ladder out, if the reinstall doesn’t work, I’ve got another camera I could swap it for.

Thanks again,


Thanks for the input, Tony. Really, the only thing between the camera and the router is an exterior wall. And again, the distance from the camera to the router is no more than 15 feet, and I have excellent Wifi reception and internet speed. I can’t try turning off Wifi and using mobile data now, because I’ve already disconnected the camera. I’ll have to wait to do any more on it until I get a ladder out to access the camera.