Doorbell Cam Plus - Full motion not recoding

My video doorbell has Cam Plus license and is recording multiple 15 sec videos instead of full motion. While my Cam v3 with Cam Plus, recording 3+ min full motion of the same time. Any ideas on what’s happening with doorbell Cam Plus? Am I missing a setting? Thx!

If you stand right infront and wave or create motion right in the face of the camera, do the clips get longer? Looks like the clips above, the person in pink is maybe 10 to 15 feet away.

First thought would be to try and lowering your sensitivity so that movement will stay within the threshold longer and keep the motion “alive” longer so the camera doesn’t think motion has stopped and save the clip. Maybe remove camplus, reset camera then reapply camplus.

Great suggestions which caused me to further investigate. Upon reviewing each video and considering my determination zone (see below). While the person is talking and using her hands, it’s outside the detection zone, and moves a few time and pauses (BTW, sensitive is at 80% and my tests are anything on walkway is capture). I guess a good test of detection zone.

On that point, why don’t the other cams have the cube zones? I have a couple cams that would benefit from that approach.