Doorbell.. Uhh remind me where the Playback is?

I have cam plus on my doorbell and cant seem to figure out how to playback. I had a package delivered today. No idea when it arrived, I never got a motion, person, or package notification. I want to scroll through the day to see it delivered…

Hi Fred,

The Video doorbell does not have a playback like the cameras with an SD card, but you should be able to find events that you have set up to record (and depending on how you have it setup to record) at the bottom of the app when you open the video doorbell.

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Thanks R.Good, but no events recorded… thats why I was hoping to review the day.

Is there any real reason to have camplus on a doorbell? is there a 12 second limit on the doorbell also without cam plus?

Sorry to hear. Not sure if this point in time or if you have missed other events, but, If you’d like you could post your settings to see if there is some tweaking that could be done.

I believe so, I am just unable to find the information on the Wyze site to reference at this time. I know you get unlimited time recording with Cam Plus, just not sure what the limit is other than the 12 seconds.

This is a by use case choice in my opinion. I have it on all my cameras where I got in on the “unlimited” cam plus plan when it was available.

With Cam plus you can limit notification to just the extra AI events if you like, without limited recording times… but, and this just my overview. I use a V3 with an SD card in the same area and treat the video doorbell as a video doorbell and not as a full blown camera.

I’m so frustrated w/doorbell camera! No recordings of any person delivering any packages nor people right on front of door & ringing the “bell”. Too many times reaching out to Customer service going through the list of instructions…after 1+ tired and now know it does not work. Give up???

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I am having similar issues. I have cam plus attached and only get 12 sec video clips. Supposed to get full length video.

Customer service says they know and are getting a fix out there with no timeframe.

tou purchase an item off the description and expect it to work like that. Only to find that it does not.

Very disappointed in the doorbell!!