Cam Plus 14 day trial - doorbell. Limited features?

A little confused about CamPlus. With the purchase of the doorbell you get a 14 day trial. I have person and vehicle identification so I think it’s there. However, videos are only 20 seconds and there seems to be a reset after detection. The reason I’d purchase Camplus is certainly for the person detection, but also for the greater video length and no reset.

Is this something that needs to be set up? I can’t find settings anywhere (other than to turn options on or off).

Welcome to the forums! From the main app page, In “account” on the lower right, then “services” is where you can see the camplus settings, remove, move to another camera, etc. What do you mean reset? The whole camera resets? Or the event stops? Does the event keep going or is still active when the clip stops? Camplus should record motion events for the duration of the events then upload to the cloud, and is ready to go for another event as there is no cool down time.

Thanks for responding. Yea, I see person, vehicle and package detection in the settings. What I can’t figure out is that when a person is detected the video is 20 seconds long. How do I see what happens after the 20 seconds? Plus, there seems to be a cooling off period after a detection where nothing else is recorded. Those two services I thought were a part of camplus.

What is the person doing when the clip ends? Is the person still in view moving around? Like I mentioned, camplus should record clips that are the duration of the motion, or event, then upload it to the cloud. Soo in essence, all active motion that is within the sensitivity setting and detection zone should be in a clip, with the time where nothing is happening should not.

I figured out the problem. Even though it said I had camplus I had to hit the Activate button in services.
Thanks for the help

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Glad to see! And were your non camplus events 12 seconds? Or 20? Free cloud recordings with a 5 min cool down should be 12 seconds.

In test, 14, 22 and 15 seconds. No cool down.