Cam Plus Lite Subscription Question

I have a cam plus lite subscription. I am not really clear on what services I get for Cam Plus Lite as opposed to no subscription. Would someone be able to clearly describe what are the benefits of cam plus lite and what would I lose if I did not have a subscription.

CamPlus Lite provides two things: Person Detection and 12 second recordings to the cloud. Without CamPlus Lite or one of the other camera subscription services, you only get thumbnails of motion detected. Either way, you have the option of installing and SD card in the camera and recording either just events or continuously.

Things are slightly different with the outdoor cameras, but I don’t have one so hopefully someone else can chime in on those.


Wild Bill Thank you. The reason I ask is that originally I have an Outdoor Cam and 2 other Cams under the CAM Plus Lite subscription. I recently added a Doorbell Pro and tried adding it to the CAM Pro Lite subscription in the app and couldn’t. I don’t currently have any subscription on the doorbell pro and yet I still have Videos showing up for the doorbell pro for each event as if it were under a plan. That is making me ask the question is why do I still get video clips on the door bell pro when it is not covered by any subscriptions. And why would I need a plan for all the other cameras.

You may have a “trial” of CamPlus associated with your new camera. I believe you get a 14 day evaluation license with a new camera which might explain the videos. I think you can verify this by going to Account->Services->CamPlus to see if you have a license assigned to the door bell.


I waited until the 14 day trial ended. It has been more than 7 days after the trial ended. It says I don’t have a subscription to the doorbell pro yet I am still seeing the event videos. That is what has me so confused. I wanted to add the doorbell pro on to my Lite subscription but it doesn’t look like I have to, It doesn’t show me that the doorbell pro is on the lite Plan in the app but is it added automatically?

To the best of my knowledge it doesn’t. If the trial ended, the doorbell should show up as available to add it to CamPlus Lite. How long are the videos being recorded by the doorbell? If they are more than 12 seconds, it isn’t under CamPlus Lite. Did you look at the tab for CamPlus under services for the doorbell?

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The videos are 12 seconds. The events would show only in the screen with the live Doorbell feed and not in the Events screen for all cameras. It is now recently showing up in the Events screen for all cameras. I checked again and the doorbell is not available to add in the Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite screen. I am very happy with Wyze and all my cameras but want to get this straight going forward. I greatly appreciate your time answering my questions.

@carverofchoice , would you be able to chime in here? I don’t have the doorbell so I’m not sure how it behaves with and without CamPlus or CamPlus lite.



Wild Bill I thank you. I was hoping that a Waze representative could also weigh in here. They community could be more effective if a customer rep from Waze could help out too. You are good people and I appreciate all your help.

I am away from home at the moment and my VDBPro is currently on Cam Plus regular, but I can try to switch it to CPLite later or remove it from all subscriptions and try to duplicate this and see what I can find out, but it’s a little hard to test right now…that’s why I didn’t chime in yet. :frowning: I was hoping maybe one of the other @Mavens or community members who have this product would be able to check and verify what’s going on. I’ll also be up all night working on a critical deadline, but if we don’t have a good resolution within a day or so, I can test this and look into it a little more…just not possible for me at this exact moment. :frowning: I am following this thread to follow up on what others find while I’m indisposed…

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Thanks for responding. I’ve tried to help as much as I can, but I’m sort of at the end of my knowledge.



Thank you, I appreciate the help.

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Happy Forumverssary @WildBill!


Couple of quick questions, What is your app version and Video Doorbell Pro firmware version?
Want to make sure we are aligned on versions so that I may give you proper feedback.

I removed my Video doorbell pro from the Cam Plus subscription last night.
This morning I had 12 Second Videos for motion events only… No Person Detection

I tried to add Cam plus Lite to my Video Doorbell Pro and could not as well. Looking into this some more.

Thank You


Video Doorbell Pro firmware version = 1.0.68
App Version = V2.33.1 (162)
Thank you for your help. Again, all is working fine, I just want to understand why so I can be better informed to make good decisions.

Thank you for the information @jmanhart1 Our pleasure to help. This is a great community.

Unfortunately what I have found is that Cam Plus Lite is not compatible with the Video Doorbell or Pro Doorbell devices (new to me because I have the Unlimited Cam Plus Subscription)

Cam Plus Lite Detailed Information Here

In addition here is a very detailed comparison of all the Cam Plus Service Offerings

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Great job buddy, thanks for helping out while I was swamped!
I hope they make it compatible in the future. At least it is still allowed to get 12 second cloud events even without cam plus lite, so that’s good. Too bad about no person detection though…other than semi-person detection when someone presses the button…

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Great info @R.Good. So with the VDB(s) not compatible w\ CPL, what is the default video length \ thumbnail they are supposed to be getting if not subscribed to CP?

Was helping another user w\ VDB issues, some getting 12s video w\ no sub.

Thought because of the 12s it was CPL, but since it isn’t compatible, now I am questioning the whole Thumbnail\12s\full length tiers used for Basic\CPL\CP.

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Due to them not being compatible with Cam Plus Lite they left them with the old functionality prior to Cam Plus LIte so they still get 12 sec videos every 5 minutes like before.


Thx. Will file that away in the memory bank.

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