Cam Plus Lite + Cam plus

I currently have 3 cameras signed up for Cam Plus Lite. I also have (1) additional Wyze Cam Outdoor.
Question: If I sign up for Cam Plus to put my Wyze Cam Outdoor on, will my other (3) Wyze Cams stay on their Cam Plus Lite subscription? I only need Cam Plus Lite for my regular indoor cams but want the outdoor cam to be on the Cam Plus subscription.

Thank you



Thank you!
Actually quite simple to do! Love Wyze :slight_smile:

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I have a cam plus lite subscription. I am not really clear on what services I get for Cam Plus Lite as opposed to no subscription. Would someone be able to clearly describe what are the benefits of cam plus lite and what would I lose if I did not have a subscription.

See the reply here: