Request to have new outdoor camera on cam plus lite

I have cam plus lite on existing cameras. Just bought new outdoor camera. Request to have this camera included on existing package. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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Are you taking about the Wyze Cam Outdoor (battery)? You can assign it to your cam plus license in the account > services tab.


Same question but just purchased and received a new Cam Pan v3 and would like to add it to my Cam Plus Lite under Account, Services. When I try to add a camera, it says no cameras available to add???
Help please.

I’m on IOS and just updated the App in the App Store because I originally couldn’t get the Cam Pan v3 to complete the installation. It kept timing out. I checked for an App update in the App and there was one. I updated the App and then the v3 would install, but cannot add the new Cam Pan v3 to my Cam Plus Lite subscription.

The cam pan v3 (as well as any cameras release after April 2022) are not compatible with cam plus lite.

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And so are you saying my only choice is to pay for a subscription? I originally got onboard with Wyze Cameras because they were affordable and DID NOT require a subscription. I’m trying to stay away from subscription services. I guess I will continue to use the product as I have found a work around using a Micro SD card. I only get snapshots in the notifications but can still go back and review video footage. Not as user friendly but neither is paying for a subscription… Sorry Wyze has decided to move in this direction. I guess I will take a hard look on my next purchase.