Battery Cam Pro Not Compatible with Cam Plus Lite?

I’m trying to add my new Battery Cam Pro to my Cam Plus Lite account and it keeps saying “No available device for Cam Plus Lite licenses”

Is Wyze forcing us to have a Cam Plus account to use this camera or have I missed a setting somewhere?

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Currently these are the only cameras that work on Lite.

Wyze Cam v1/v2/v3
Wyze Cam Pan v1/v2
Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2

Cam Plus Lite | Home Monitoring & Security Service Plans | Wyze.


Cam Plus Lite was discontinued with all new cams after the V3.

It is essentially a Legacy Plan for the older cams.


Bummer - it was exactly all I needed for all my cams - will have to send this one back then.


according to the Wyze product site:

Coming soon: Local recording to microSD card.

Never miss a moment and record motion events locally to a microSD card, no subscription required. Enabling this feature impacts battery life.

feature is coming October/November.

Where are you reading October/November? On TikTok they said probably in September.

I saw it at Wyze’s reddit.



Thanks Haha, the funny thing is that I’m even the one they were responding to when they wrote that answer, and I already forgot :rofl:

we’ll support microSD card playback (continuous/event-only) in September or October software updates. Please note that this timeline may be pushed if we need to adjust some more code before release.

I just remembered the word September from the TikTok live they did. Hopefully it’s that early, but they did say it could be pushed past October. Guess we can hope :crossed_fingers: