Battery Cam Pro Not Compatible with Cam Plus Lite?

I’m trying to add my new Battery Cam Pro to my Cam Plus Lite account and it keeps saying “No available device for Cam Plus Lite licenses”

Is Wyze forcing us to have a Cam Plus account to use this camera or have I missed a setting somewhere?

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Currently these are the only cameras that work on Lite.

Wyze Cam v1/v2/v3
Wyze Cam Pan v1/v2
Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2

Cam Plus Lite | Home Monitoring & Security Service Plans | Wyze.


Cam Plus Lite was discontinued with all new cams after the V3.

It is essentially a Legacy Plan for the older cams.


Bummer - it was exactly all I needed for all my cams - will have to send this one back then.


according to the Wyze product site:

Coming soon: Local recording to microSD card.

Never miss a moment and record motion events locally to a microSD card, no subscription required. Enabling this feature impacts battery life.

feature is coming October/November.

Where are you reading October/November? On TikTok they said probably in September.

I saw it at Wyze’s reddit.



Thanks Haha, the funny thing is that I’m even the one they were responding to when they wrote that answer, and I already forgot :rofl:

we’ll support microSD card playback (continuous/event-only) in September or October software updates. Please note that this timeline may be pushed if we need to adjust some more code before release.

I just remembered the word September from the TikTok live they did. Hopefully it’s that early, but they did say it could be pushed past October. Guess we can hope :crossed_fingers:


I, too, was surprised by this when I purchased the Battery Cam Pro. If this cam is not compatible, I am curious why the website states

Battery Cam Pro can locally record to a microSD card. Never miss a moment and record motion events locally to a microSD card, no subscription required.

Implies to me that you can still record motion to local SD without subscription. I have submitted a formal complaint to attorney general and BBB for the midleading information.

“Cam plus lite” is a cloud service, whereas micro SD card recording is local only, and doesn’t require a subscription Cloud and local recording are two separate and independent functions. Cloud storage or recordings are your where the cam plus lite and your cam plus services fall under.

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Regardless. The website indicates I can record to local sd card and I cannot. I can only get still photo and no video as the site claims.

Where are you seeing this? If you do not have a cloud subscription to Cam Plus, you must have the basic cloud storage which is just a thumbnail of the event. To view your SD card recordings, visit the live view page for the camera and tap the “SD card” button. @Bam replied with a photo in your new topic showing where this button is.

If you can provide any more info about your issue, including screen shots we can walk you thoguh the features to understand the functions of the camera.

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When I go to the cam page (where I can view live view), I am unable to click on sd card. It is grayed out. All options are grayed out except Album and Turn Off.

Can you post screen shots of your different settings pages? Include the pages that show your micro SD card status, and settings pages. Do you have a SD card in the camera itself? What kind, brand and size SD card is in the camera? What actual firmware version is on the camera? and what actual app version are you using?

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SD card is PNY Elite 32 GB.
Firmware for cam
Firmware for ios app is 2.49.2 (2)

Attaching several screenshots.

Rec’d an error that I can only send one photo at a time so will send four separate.

next screenshot

Your phone/tablet needs to be connected to your cam in order for your phone to receive the SD card stream. Try tapping the icon in the center of the screen to start the cam-to-phone session. Once connected, the grayed out icons should appear solid.

So, I am wondering if this is a bigger issue with the Battery Pro. My neighbor has same cams and same issue I do, no recording feature.

Is there a way to return/exchange my cams for ones that actually perform with sd card? I only just took them out of the box yesterday and have not been installed or outside.

Well, they do have a SD card recording feature and we are helping you figure out how to get yours working. What are your micro SD card recording settings? You didn’t add a screen shot of those settings and status page.

Here is a knowledge article that you can familiarize yourself with that tells you all there is to know about the SD card recording functions of your camera.

To Support @Seapup s comments earlier, the knowledge article echos what he said:

  1. View local recordings from the Live stream:
  • In the Wyze app, tap into your camera’s Live stream.
  • Tap the SD Card button next to Take Photo.
  • Tap and drag the timeline to view the recorded video for a specific point in time.
    • Available footage will be highlighted in the timeline.
    • Pinch and zoom on the timeline to select a specific point in time.
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