Buyer Beware. V4 Not supported in Cam Plus Lite

The V4 camera is not supported in Cam Plus Lite. This is disappointing. I would not have purchased if I had known this ahead of time. I hope Wyze reconsiders and includes the V4 in Cam Plus Lite. I have had Cam Plus Lite for years and the features it includes are all I need and want.

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No Wyze camera released in the last three years have had CamPlus lite available.


Agreed. I would have purchased another V3 if I had known. Wyze hid this omission, probably because they make more money on subscriptions. Unfortunately my V2 and V3 cameras have many false positive events and on the other hand completely miss true positives, so I’ve cancelled Cam Plus.

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It is not at all hidden. It’s well documented on the CamPlus lite info pages, and has been discussed here on the forum so many times I can’t remember them all.


I disagree. Nowhere in the description of the cam v4 does it say it is incompatible with cam plus lite. Saying you have to dig through forums to find out is ridiculous. Most of us only use the forums to troubleshoot problems, not to research a purchase. I think Wyze is using this “feature” to lock people out of using the cam plus lite as it does not make them as much money. Plus the latest v3 has a known defect that keeps you from using the playback while in events. All this is a clever scheme to get you to use cam plus. No thanks Wyze. I will be returning my v4 to Amazon and will probably be leaving the Wyze ecosystem in the near future if the v3 bug is not fixed.

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Take it the other way. No where on the V4 dies it say that it IS compatible with CamPlus lite and if you had looked at the Cam Plus lite page it CLEARLY states which cameras are allowed. You ASSUMED something that was not there.

Not saying you should dig through the forum. If you were at least a half way active reader of the forum, you would have seen it countless times.

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I Agree 100%. I bought V4’s thinking it was an upgrade from the four V3’s that I own. I was SHOCKED to discover that CAM Plus Lite is NOT available for this version! WTF? This is definitely a downgrade from V3. CAM Lite is the BEST thing Wyze has and now they want your $$$ instead of offering this service which is included with V3.

Why wasn’t this included in the comparison tables??? Hmmm. Bait and switch. Would have preferred to know this instead of Textured Matte finish. Sheesh.

There is no discernable difference in the picture quality between this and V3 cams that I have. Not really happy with this new version.

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V4 is not worth it without Cam Plus Lite. I am retired living off SS and every dollar matters. I already had two cameras that I was paying for and my two daughters each bought me a V4 with the Father’s Day promotion. I know I can reassign the plans but one of my cameras is a pan cam that they will only let you have on a payment plan.
Too make matters worse. The V4 only seems to be taking photos and no videos. I think shade trees in the yard are keeping it from recording even one video because of the time out factor. What a disappointment.

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I googled “What cameras are compatible with cam plus lite”. I believe you owe an apology to the internet.

First listing:

Chat GPT


Microsoft Co-Pilot

Seems like we live in an age where being uninformed is no longer a valid excuse. Take an extra 5 min and do some searching if you have a question about something. #KnowledgeIsPower

Are you using a micro SD card?

I just received my v4 yesterday and am able to record events in video without issue. (No subscription of any sort.)

I also record videos on v2 and v3.


What inspired you to approach me in such away? I would be more than willing to apologize if I could actually get my Cam Pan V3 (version 3 not V2) on a Lite plan.

I have attached a screen shot of my account page and it would appear that my gifted V4s and my pan cam v3 are not eligible. As I understand it, I think you need at least a Lite version to record to record 12 second videos which seems to render my 3 cameras worthless for anything except capturing photos. Am I wrong about this?

Also, just to make a point to anyone following this. I have also attached a 2nd screen shot of my question to ChatGPT.

As it is obvious by the responses the AI made to my first inquiry, it seems to find information based on false information (perhaps on this very conversation which may be misleading in itself.) When prodded further by my 2nd inquiry, the AI appears to have changed it’s mind. Had I not have doubted the first response, I would have been inclined to I owed someone an apology.

No I am not using an sd card but I will have to get one, but since it is constantly taking pictures of a shade tree shadow moving I can only imagine that I might waste endless time seeing where people triggered the event.

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Ideally, those photos are an “index” to your SD card (if you have one installed) recordings. When such a photo is shown, there should be a button near the bottom of the screen, “Playback”. Pressing that button should show the event video.

But as luck would have it, that button has a serious bug for cam pan V3s; it doesn’t function. There’s another path to access those SD recordings for now, but the procedure isn’t intuitive.

Sorry @speeds - not for you. But the support article I sent says that Pan V3 is NOT supported on Cam Plus Lite. As others have said, you will see the still pictures of events captured but need to click the event further to see the 12-second clip. No subscription required. Put SD cards in your cameras to record then you can search for whatever happens yourself.

@FiremanBob is who I was responding to.

Not a 12-second clip. SD card footage isn’t limited to 12 seconds.

I was saying that on the free version, you click the picture to see the 12-second event clip. I probably didn’t make that clear.

If you put an SD Card in the camera, you can click the playback button and watch EVERYTHING with no time limitations. You are only limited to how much the SDCard can hold to record.

So I put an sd card in and that seemed to go okay. I checked to verify it was installed. About an hour and a half later it detected the front of our car pulling into the driveway. I hit playback and it seemed to go to the sd card at the right time, however it said there was no video at the selected time,

It’s a reported software bug. I (and other people) don’t experience that bug.

Hmmm, I guess it’s like I said earlier. A total waste. I feel extra bad cause my daughters gifted these to me in good faith and I’ll have to tell them they don’t do anything unless you pay extra $20/yr per camera. Also, it didn’t seem to come with a month free or is that not for the V4 also (not that I really care much anymore.)