CAM OG not compatible with Cam Plus lite

Purchased CAM OG and found it is not compatible with Cam Plus Lite . Buyer beware !!! What a confusing mess they are making with all of these cameras . Why not Edge Person detection like we had in early V2s .
I will be sending this one back .

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Sorry you had to learn that after purchasing the cam. It has been wildly discussed here in the forum that Wyze stopped offering CamPlus Lite on all new cams since the release of the V3Pro (PanV3 and OG included). CamPlus Lite is now a Legacy Program available only on V3 cams and prior.

It has also been updated in Wyze marketing material and on the Wyze Website since the V3Pro was released last year:

The Edge AI is available only on the Cam V3Pro. Most likely because it has a processor capable of supporting it. I doubt you will be able to do that with the OG since it is considered an Entry Level cam.


This is so confusing.
I chat with wyze person today and he said that the OG would work with the cam plus lite. They can not give you a straight answer. He said that it would the OG would do all the things that i have with the cam plus lite and my other 4 cameras.
You are saying it does not work with cam plus lite.
Would it work at all without cam plus ?

It is confusing. Both because Customer Support is ill informed and because the subscription tier structure isn’t universally applied across all cams equally.

I can tell you without any doubt. You will not get CamPlus Lite to assign to an OG, PanV3, V3Pro, or Doorbell cam.

That is all over the Wyze Website and here in the forum.

Did you get the name of the CS Wizard?

Without CamPlus, you will not get any video (thumbnail Snapshot only) and no Person Detections. The 12s Video and Person detections provided in your cams from CamPlus Lite are not available on the no subscription cam. You do have full functionality of microSD card continuous or event recording.

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Thanks for the info!!!

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@rotsen Could you share the ticket number (it should have been emailed to you) or the agent’s name so that we might pass this along for couching of the agent?

The camera is compatible with Cam Plus (subscription service) and will have all of that functionality. Without a Cam Plus subscription, the camera will still work, but will provide only thumbnail notifications, not 12 second videos. However, if you install an SD card in the camera, you can use the thumbnail notifications to target the segment of the SD card where the motion/sound occurred.

I have Cam Plus Standard applied to my ne OG telephoto but It is only recording events in bites up to 22 seconds. It records several different short serial events instead of one longer event ( like 1 min 35 sec ).

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I’m chalking it all up to learning curve. My camera journey started with looking for a way to watch birds nesting on my front porch in an economical way. Wyze is absolutely the most economical way. During this journey I’ve learning that the Wyze Cam OG is really only capable of a video longer than 12-15 seconds by manually pressing record. Even after you sign up for Cam Plus, you simply won’t get much past 12-15 seconds. Where I became most disappointed was learning that the Wyze Cam that basically is only capable of recording 12 second videos is excluded from the Wyze Service that only saves the 12 second videos. For this reason, any future camera wants or needs, I will be looking at the brands like Ring which offer much more. It is a shame because the Wyze product seems to be every bit as good as to others in quality, it just lacks in the recording / storage departments.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @malone1956! :raising_hand_man:

With an SD Card installed you can record 24\7 continuous.

I have 256GB HE SD cards installed recording HD quality continuously 24\7 and can go back 4 weeks.

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That’s awesome, especially as cheap as cards have gotten. Does it automatically overwrite?

Yes. When the card is full, it will start overwriting the oldest video 1 minute at a time.

Also, when you view one of those short 12-17 second Cloud Event clips you mentioned from the Events tab list, if you press the SD Card Playback icon at the bottom it will jump straight to the SD Card recorded footage taken from the exact same time point on the timeline.

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Have you experienced the recording stopped by itself? Sometime yesterday, my cam og stopped working with the SD Card only. It still takes the cloud still picture, but won’t record to the SD card at all. Even tried reformatting the card and all. It says “unable to connect”.

No. I just checked my SD Cards recording continuous and have a full history. Have you inserted a spare SD Card to rule out a possible failed SD Card?

I removed the power cable, then plugged it in after about 30 seconds. It seems to be working now…

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What type of Sd card are you using? I highly recommend “high endurance” (HE) SD cards as they are made to handle a heavier “read/write” schedule. there is plenty of other HE discussions in the forums about types of cards that are better for these situations.

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It seems like the cam suffered from a momentary bout of amnesia and forgot what it was supposed to be doing. The reboot forced a settings reload from the server and fresh set of work assignments.

Keep monitoring and post back if it does it again. It might be something causing it that can be revealed in logs.

Will do.

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This really sucks. Looks like I bought my last Wyze device if there’s no cam plus lite. Another company that does the bait and switch.

I only have Wyze v3 cameras. If you are interested in staying with Cam Plus Lite, here is a list of supported devices before making a purchase

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