Cam Plus Lite No longer work for OG

I been a happy customer with wyze cam for over four years and recently I purchase another four OG to replaced old dead V1/V2 Wyze cam.
OG was working better than V1 and V2 until last week.
All three OG stop sending 12 seconds video and now I find out cam plus lite doesn’t support OG. This is a lie, I have all four OG been working for few months on cam plus lite with out any issue. It look like the company is start to move from the old friendly diy company to just another money grabbing corporation.
Unless thing change soon, you will loss another valuable loyal customer.

I don’t work for, speak for or represent Wyze, but as another Wyze customer who keeps up with everything related to Wyze, I think there is a misunderstanding…Wyze has been pretty clear for a long time that Cam Plus Lite would not support any cameras that come out after April 2022. They told us this even before the OG cams came out that nothing else would ever be getting Cam Plus Lite:

When the OG cams launched, they told us repeatedly they would not support Cam Plus Lite:

A lot of OG promotions did come with a free Cam Plus trial though (some promotions even included a 3 month Cam Plus Trial), so I believe that is part of the misunderstanding. I am guessing you were one of the people who had a 3-month Cam Plus Trial, and it was just misunderstood/assumed to be part of Cam Plus Lite.

I will say that the OG’s work really well without any cloud stuff anyway. They will still do notifications and show a picture of what it detected and you can also link to events recorded on the SD card. Everything is still there and the usability is still pretty similar, it just doesn’t have person detection without Cam Plus. I have used mine this way before I lent them to my brother for him to see if he wants to buy some for himself.

I’m sorry to hear that there was a misunderstanding about whether these would support Cam Plus Lite. They tried to inform people in several different ways, but it is hard to know where to draw the line between making sure everyone clearly knows vs annoying and spamming people with info some of them don’t care about. I’m sorry to hear the functionality of these isn’t meeting your needs. On the bright side, these cameras actually hold their value extremely well, even used, because Wyze already sells the OG cameras for less than they cost to make them. So it is pretty easy to get your money back by selling them online if you decide you prefer something different.

Again, I’m just another Wyze user, not speaking for Wyze, but they have been pretty clear they have no intention to expand Cam Plus Lite for any cameras that come out after April 2022. They’re going to keep providing notifications, and the ability to store events in other ways such as free on a local SD card. They have also started experimenting with making devices that do local AI detections for free on some cameras without needing the cloud or a subscription. I have 6 Floodlight Pros and at least 6 V3 Pros that do Local AI detections for free still, for example. I hope they will do more of this type of thing (offering free AI detections that aren’t reliant on the cloud). But the OG’s are more of an entry level camera that doesn’t have the resources for this.

I’m not here to tell anyone what to do or not do with that information, just sharing what they have been telling us for close to a year now. I totally understand that everyone has different needs. Sorry I didn’t have better news to offer, just sharing what I do know, and wish you the best of luck regardless of where you go from here with that info.