If I remove Cam Plus from a V3 will I be able to add it to Cam Plus Lite?

I already have several cameras on Cam Plus Lite.

Yep, go into Services in the app and just remove the CP license and then add the camera you Cam Plus Lite. The CP license will stay unassigned in your account untill to add it to another camera.


Thanks I plan to add the CP to my new OG

Is the V3 Black limited edition compatible with Cam Plus Lite?

Should be, its just a black colored V3.

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Yea that’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure because on this page Home Monitoring & Security Services - Wyze Services it says

“* Non-Doorbell Wyze Cams released before 2/1/2021 are eligible.”

and I know the black one was out after that.

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That link is for CamProtect, the Professionally Monitored Home Security Service that uses the cam as the basis for video monitoring thru Noonlight.

CamPlus Lite is completely different:

The link is not just for Cam Protect if you continue to scroll down on the page it has a description of all of the wyze services on the page

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Indeed, you are correct. I didn’t scroll down but instead must have clicked thru to the “More Info”. Sorry for my confusion.

In any case, all V3 and older cams (except doorbells) are good to go regardless the color.

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These instructions don’t seem to work if the Cam Plus is a Trial license. Is there a way to move a v3 on a CP Trial to Cam Plus Lite or do you have to wait for the Trial to expire?

Wait for trial to expire, or if able you can decline the trial offer at setup then move right into your other cloud service license.


i just added 7 new pan cameras to the ones i already had.
but now i realise that the new cameras dont work with existing service…doesnt make sense
you should be able to buy new products and still have the benefits of your service
please add pan v3 to camplus lite

My impression is that CamPlus Lite has become a Legacy Subscription that Wyze is continuing on their older cams out of generosity for the original user base who subscribed. The product is most likely costing Wyze more than they can recover in CPL subscriptions since one subscription applies to unlimited cams and most users don’t choose to pay what it would cost to keep it solvent. Wyze could have made the decision to scrap it altogether, but they didn’t. With the release of the V3Pro last October, they made the decision to only offer it on prior released cams.

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I went to services section in the app and can’t find where to remove the license.

You should be able to login to the Wyze web site and cancel your Cam Plus trial. It takes a few minutes for the trial to disappear in the App Accounts tab. Your cameras that were on the trial will then show up as being able to Assign to CPL.

On the web site go to “My Account - My Subscriptions” and make sure the Trial is gone. In the App go to “Accounts - Services” and the trial should be gone from the Cam Plus tab.

Make sure your cameras will work with CPL.

I had a couple of v3 cameras on a Trial. I thought it was best to end the Trial early so not to be charged.

I’m not on Cam Plus trial. I have been paying annually for 1 V3 camera for 2 years now. I would like to switch that service to my OG camera. Is that possible without cancelling?

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If you’re trying to move a camera from Cam Plus, from the home page click account, then services, then scroll to the bottom of your campus section where your camera is listed. It may seem backwards but click on add a camera, then when the list pops up, uncheck the camera that you want to remove the cam plus license from.

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I tried to uncheck it it several times but nothing happens

I finally figured it out. I went to services and I clicked on the OG camera and then the app itself unchecked the V3 camera. Thanks for your help tonight