Adding CamPlus to my 3rd cam (v3)

Can’t seem to find the link the will add CamPlus my new v3. I already have subscriptions for my other 2 Cams.
Advice, please!

Did you purchase the CP or did the cam come with the trial version then a CP license? On the app go to account>services>Cam Plus and see if it is available. If it is activate it. If the cam is on the trial it will say so.

Account>services>Cam Plus shows my 2 other cams. The third (v3) does not appear. However an “Add license” link does appear on the page with “Subscribe now” (at a much higher fee than I paid for the other 2) without specifying/mentioning the camera I want to add.

You should have received an email, with an activation code and an activation link. If you haven’t seen one, check your spam folder.

If you did receive that email and lost/deleted it, you might want to call Wyze customer service to have it re-sent.

Only after you’ve activated via that link, can you use the app to assign the activated Cam Plus subscription to your V3.

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Good Advice! Thanks!