Cam Plus Bundle for 3?

I just got this offer for **Cam Plus Bundle for 3 $34.99. I currently have 2 cams with plus that expire in May and one that expires in Sept. Can I still use this offer and how will this effect the subscriptions I have now?

If you buy it, it will add the 3 licenses to your account under a separate license with the license year starting for the 3 pack on the date you purchase. At this point you will have 5 licenses.

Then, while still in your account on the website, edit your CamPlus Licenses by canceling your two existing subscriptions.

You will get a prorated refund for the unused portion of your 2 old licenses put back on your credit card.

You can then go back to the app after closing it and reopening it so it reloads your new account license activity you just edited…Account>Services tab and immediately reassign your 2 cams to the newly purchased 3 pack license with 1 left over.

I did this recently with a different multi-pack offer migrating my 12 cams over to a new CamPlus multi-pack offer. I got a pro rated refund for all 12 licenses cancelled.

Hope this helps! Be safe and well!

Saw the same email…CamPlus for 10 cameras is $99…so much for the unlimited license.

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Yeah. I saw :eyes: that too. Wonder :thinking: how long they will allow legacy subs to keep it.

Thanks for the info!

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are the bundle deals still available and if so, where might i find them?

It looks like the CamPlus Unlimited (99) is still available at

I know that they offered 3, 4 and 10 cam bundles In the past, but I couldn’t find any on the website or links in the forum. Most of these offers are for a limited time or for existing subscribers to consolidate cams.

Perhaps others might have some links in their back pocket for other bundles.

Thanks for replying. I saw the 99 deal. So it was just a one-time deal for me at the time I purchased the license.

The individual license for 1 cam is always available. The special bundle pricing is usually only for a limited time to buy. The Unlimited 99 is for a limited time and will expire soon.

But, once you do buy a bundle deal, you are locked into that price until you cancel it, even if they offer the bundle in the future at a higher price. Wyze is good about locking in your price from the time of purchase thru all the auto renewals until you cancel.

Most users, if they don’t have the unlimited, will add cams until a bundle comes out and then transfer them over.


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