I have the cam plus bundle for 3. Can I add to the subscription?

I currently have the Cam Plus Bundle for 3. Can this be extended to two of these bundles? I now have six cameras and could use more subscriptions.

The bundle that I now have is a good deal. $34.99 per year for 3 cams. $0.97 per month per cam.

Doubling this would be $69.98. Cheaper than the unlimited plan.

I’d hate to try and edit this subscription and end up losing my current pricing. I’m not sure how Wyze handles legacy subscriptions. Some companies will bump you to the current price if you make changes.

Look at the screen shots below. Under “How many cameras” it lists one. It’s really for 3 cams but it’s listed as one bundle.

Has anyone tried bumping their subscription up to two bundles?

Because it is a bundle, I don’t believe you will be able to add any cams to the bundle. I have also not seen any mention lately of the three pack bundle being offered currently. If that were available, a second three pack would be the best option. When you click Edit on the Services Site, if there is the availability to add cams, you should see the option. Clicking Edit won’t do anything to the subscription unless you actually make changes.

It may be the best option to purchase three monthly subscriptions for the cams until the end of the year when your three pack expires, purchase the Unlimited subscription then, move all your cams over, and then cancel the three monthly and the three pack bundle.

I decided to take a chance. The wyze site did allow me to increase the subscriptions to two (six cameras). It accepted the change. A few minutes later I got a text from my credit card company. Wise had billed me for $23. They billed me for the remainder of the year. Full price was $34.99.

Wise gets a thumbs up for this. A generous policy for upgrading my special offer subscription. :+1:


That is great! :smiley:

I like that they prorate your subscription when you add cams to it thru the web site so that all your cams will have the same subscription expiration date. It is also nice that they honor your locked in pricing so long as you don’t cancel the subscription.

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