Cam plus and v3

does anyone know if the v3 is purchased, do you have to get the cam plus? I wanted to order another v3 but this time I do not need the cam plus sub, but it is automatically added, and when I try to take it off it takes off everything like I can’t order just the camera; just curious if there is a way that I do not know about. I asked the question on the wyze shopper site and was not able to get the correct response.

Due to a stock shortage, V3s are only available for camplus subscribers. From a recent email:

I am sure when more stock is available, it’ll be opened to all.

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I already have cam plus. I figured out how I can just get a stand alone v3 camera. thank you

Just had to login to your account in the website then go to the shop. Glad you got it figured out!

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